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Hacking the SRD-9c

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by gongo, May 3, 2016.

  1. EDIT: Binary release now available! Get it at: https://github.com/dallongo/pySRD9c/releases/
    Just unzip, and double-click the exe! Supports rFactor 1/Stock Car Extreme/Automobilista and RaceRoom Racing Experience.

    I have a Renovatio SRD-9c display and I really like it, but it seems that the manufacturer just pushes out software updates without doing any testing on Automobilista or R3E, my two favorite sims. I've gotten tired of the constant stream of broken updates (though, to their credit, they're very responsive to bug reports on their Facebook page and will usually issue an update within 24-48 hours to fix bugs, major kudos to them) as it seems that the main priorities are Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, and iRacing (the "popular" sims).

    So I sat down last night and wrote this: https://github.com/dallongo/pySRD9c
    Here's a video of the first tests in action:

    The next step will be to write my own Python script to read from the R3E shared memory map and update the display with the data.
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  2. The code has been updated, it's working fine in R3E and now includes the following:
    - lap and sector split times (both based on the immediately previous lap) that correctly handle invalid laps
    - auto-mapping of the green RPM LEDs for use as PTP/DRS activation countdown and cool-off for cars that support it (includes 'ptp' or 'drs' message along with number of activations left)
    - fuel (red) and over temp (yellow) warning LEDs (they switch from solid to blinking along with a 'fuel' or 'heat' message when critical)
    - shift light at 95% RPM range (blue status LED)
    - pit window open (green status LED) that blinks when in pit or limiter activated as well as 'pit' message flashing
    - automatic display of current field position and number of cars in the field
    - automatic display of number of laps completed and number of laps remaining (or session time remaining for time-based sessions)
    - live (running) lap timer for current lap (goes to '-.--.-' for invalid laps)
    - display now turns off when ignition is off/not in a session

    known issues:
    - exceeding track limits within the first 10 seconds of a lap will cancel the lap split/position/session time display
    - over temp warning is fixed at 92 C
    - no indicators for oil temp, engine damage, or tire wear

    I posted this to the Renovatio page on Facebook but they deleted my post... I guess they didn't like the idea of someone else writing software for their device? Oh well.
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  3. First post updated with download link for compiled binaries.
  4. Added support for rFactor 1/Stock Car Extreme/Automobilista.

    I also plan on adding support for rFactor 2 at some point, probably in the next month or so, I've got other projects that need doing first.
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  5. Updated first post with link to latest release.
    Also created a video of the display features working in-game with live gameplay in R3E.
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  6. pyDash v2.0.0.0 released!
    Get it here: https://github.com/dallongo/pySRD9c/releases

    2016-05-30 (v2.0.0.0)
    • Merged pyDashR3E and pyDashRF1 into single application
    • Improved session detection and clearing/resetting of session-specific variables
    • Improved logging prints time stamp and information when new session is detected, average fuel use/temperature ranges and lap times
    • Improved fuel use estimates and overheating detection by using weighted averages
    • Display now cleared upon exiting sim
    • Mulitple instance detection to protect against race condition that causes settings JSON to be infinitely rewritten to disk
    • Automatic sim detection
    • Tachometer range and shift light point can now be configured via settings
    • Fuel and temperature warnings can now be disabled/tuned via settings
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  7. So I'm guessing your mod works whit Pcars and F12015 ?
  8. TrailSlide


    great work ! love how simple this is, proof that sometimes less option is better ! Simplicity.

    I discovered a bug, in Automobilista, when driving the Formula Reiza with 8 gears, when shifting to 8th gear, the SRD dash goes blank. I would have to down shift 1-2 gears to get the SRD display back.
  9. rocafella1978


    will try it too have to hook everything, was on break! but have been following your thread and work! well done and thanks for sharing! great work/ videos!
  10. rocafella1978


    sadly companies who are not open to work like you do won't stay around too long, which is sad, if they were open to ideas and work like your and would add it to their product, they would sell more and be free marketing and could even share or give you something to thank you.(if not $$$$ they could send you more hardware and support you to create custom software) but sadly most companies are dictatorships and go down the toilet because they are not open minded. (there is tons of companies being run greatly and they have been around for decades)
    all I can say! you do great work and continue what you do! happy to donate!
    PS: will try to get my hands on SRD-R3 too which they announced (maybe another hardware you can change :)) cheers!)
  11. rocafella1978


  12. Hey, sorry, I don't check RD very often. I'm working on a couple other projects at the moment too (the Crew Chief spotter app and helping with support for the JetSeat transducer) all of which use the same plugin as this dash app.

    I've got a better understanding now of how the timing and scoring works in rFactor so I'll be making some improvements which will hopefully sort out some of the bugs that you've mentioned.

    As far as the SRD-R3, it looks like you still can't actually buy it yet, so they announced the product but it's nowhere to be found. I'm happy enough with the SRD-9c at the moment and as I mentioned before, my intent is to demonstrate what the hardware could do if the devs were to care about timing accuracy. I'm not looking to compete with their SRD-M3 nor do I have the resources for it anyway.

    I don't own pCARS, AC, F1 2015, Dirt Rally, etc so I won't be adding support for them. I primarily play R3E, AMS, and rF2, so those are the sims that I'm looking to support. My software should also work with rF1, Formula Truck, Stock Car Extreme, and Copa Petrobras de Marcas, but I haven't tested them.
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  13. pyDash v2.0.1.0 released! This should fix the problem with 8th gear not showing up.

    2016-06-26 (v2.0.1.0)
    • Allow gear display to go up to 9
    • Fix session restart not clearing session variables
    • Add support for Formula Truck and Copa Petrobras de Marcas
  14. pyDash v2.0.1.1 released!

    2016-06-30 (v2.0.1.1)
    • Fix 'best' delta showing '0.00' in pyDashRF1 when setting new best time
    • Add initial invalid lap detection to pyDashRF1
  15. Hi, just wish to ask if any of you owners of the SRD-9C know how to set it to KPH? I've asked @gongo already and understand he's more knowledgable with his custom app... a great app. TIA.
  16. Should be able to turn on metric instead of imperial in the Renovatio software
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  17. Right, figured it later. While at it, anyone know how to use these TIMING switches (encircled in Red), DISPLAY SWITCHES (in yellow), and RPM range (in green)?
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  18. Any updates on this ?