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Skins HAAS 2016 Concept Caterham Ver.1.1

F1 2014 SKIN HAAS Caterham 2015

  1. IgorMurashov submitted a new resource:


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  2. that looks sweet :)
  3. Great job man!

    Two things, in my view, leave the fabulous skins:
    Adjust the logo of Ferrari is reversed on the left side of the car,
    And the rear wing, leaving Ferrari brand all black with gold lettering.

    Do more, congratulations for the work.
  4. Ok, rear wing i will do. but the ferrari power logo is on one texture at two sides. Later i make the update with DHD textures and fix it.
  5. IgorMurashov updated HAAS 2016 Concept Caterham with a new update entry:

    Haas Team

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  6. hello
    the update didnt work for me (pit crew ,boxes,team)
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  7. ty nicely work:cool:
  8. Enjoy))
  9. Maybe make HAAS more stronger?) Still working on it.
  10. well don't know ^^ i use the skin for 2013 ^^
  11. So i Can write that this mod can be used also in F12013?) LOL
  12. also race suits will be ns and a complete mod;)
  13. yeah with importing the skin with the model of the car ..... xD
  14. Where i can find them?
  15. there are some ns race suits mod in the forum but not for HAAS Team:)
    U have to create it ;)