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Gyral cg version for ver 0.0820

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by boomer541, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    WoW THX Bob!
  2. Thanks boomer541. Good to see that others are active as well. Not to state the obvious, but the track could do well with improved textures and shaders. Bumpmaps would really lift the track too - I have just discovered how powerful they are myself.. but of course, updating a track is tedious and at times even painful.. anyway, and yet again, thanks.
  3. Cool idea, that track rocks, had a lot of fun from the beginning.
    Just for curiosity, what exactly did you modify & how did you proceed ?

    As you know, a "made" Racer track got they own binary files once "optimized/converted" & without the original 3D files (Blender, Max, Maya, SoftImage...), it's quite difficult to modify anything...
  4. Yeah, having the original files is handy :)

    Especially now with Some1's Max export tool, and Camsinny's geometry.ini exporter too, you can literally go from no track to working track in the press of two buttons from Max!

    Much nicer to develop with that environment, than tinkering with the exported files only for example.

  5. To Modify Gyral I first made a new sky dome and stitched the horizon images together into one and used the sky image for the dome top.

    Then did the cg shaders and tod curve, time to drive round and see what didn't look right, I couldn't find all the ogre's so used zmod to convert to 3ds files and put them in Blender, the normals were reversed so fixed them, some houses were bad so fixed the textures and put them in Blender. Some posts also had bad normals and needed double mesh, fixed those in Blender also.

    Didn't make any normal maps as I've forgotten how, will look it up later and add those for the next version of Racer.

    I'm now working on the first track I made, Watkins, and it should be finished in a week or so.