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GymKhana Challenge

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Flavien Vidal, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Last week 13, I hated it... no tracks, no cars. Boring week.
    But the Gymkhana chanllenge this week.... wow... unbelievably fun!
    Practice are sort of a mess, but that's part of the game.
    20 people at the same time on such a short track lol.
    My PB is @ 46.777 for now. Can't wait to see how it can go down :)
    Love technical stuff like that!
  2. Which car is the best to use? Might give it a crack a bit later. I hate week 13. :p
  3. MX5 Cup. Accelerates faster.
  4. I'll have a look at that too. Thanks.
    Did not know about the hated week 13...
  5. Faster then what? Isn't the FSR in that mix, I have not compared but I would be very surprised if the mx5 out accelerates it. I could be wrong, and I have been in the past.
  6. Yeah, sorry, I have yet to try the SRF.
    Did 47.6 or so in the roadster, 46.777 in the cup and 52.1 in the Legend (what a mess this car lol).
    The SRF might be faster, but I doubt it is faster than the Cup on this track...
  7. I have not tried this series yet, but you maybe surprised Flavien, the SRF is the only purposed built road course car on that grid.
  8. I'll try it out as soon as I get back from school.
    But I'm not sure it will handle the cornering as well as the MX5 does.
    The world records on MX5/SRF on LRP are just .5s appart and LRP is a lot less technical than this track...
    I don't think the SRF will go under 48s on this track...
  9. Yeah before this hotlapping event came up. This is the track where I learned to heel and toe, and improve with the MX-5 as someone started this thread, http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/1343326. The best time in the SRF in the thread is a 46.283.
  10. hum... my bad then :)
    I did indeed underestimated this SRF hehe :)

    46.283s is the record in the Cup... Guess I can pull my 46.77 down a bit more to try to get it :)

    If anyone has a setup for me to try, I would not be against it if I can gain a bit of time...
  11. Yup best time for me here in the Cup, is a 46.833 but this was done during testing. Not during the 1 lap event that is on iRacing now. Will have a go later today. Can't seem to be as fast as you Flavien but I'm getting closer hehe :)
  12. Yeah I love this!! Did some actual SCCA autocross in the 1994 MX I used to have. I'm at about 47.2 in the roadster..I'll have to give the cup a whirl.
  13. Shane Van gibersomething did a 45.9x in the roadster during a practice session...
    Impressive I have to say...
  14. Just checked the standings and Daniel Sinka did a 45.4. Now that's impressive! hehe :)
  15. Damn, incredible!
    He is not very fast on Laguna or Lime Rock but on this thing... Looks like he is literraly MADE for Gymkhana! :eek:
  16. So when are the actual races? I have looked a few times and it always says "no sessions" under race...
  17. only qualifying ;)
    46.512, new PB for now...
    Need to practce more... Knowing when to let go off the gas is the key here...
  18. I managed to get a 48 in the spec, man that car is for the birds...lol... It is crazy slippery... It's ok I think once you get a bit use to it but wow is that car loose... haha
  19. Just tried the Spec and did a 47.4xx... This thing is unbielivably slippery lolol
    Now I remember why I never race it lol
  20. I was in the session where Shane van Gisbergen did a 45.2 and he was cutting the course at the end of the pits. Look through his laps, all the fastest ones have an x1. The fastest non-cutting lap I saw was a mid 46. My theoretical best was a 47.2 but I am confident I could get into the 46s without traffic, lol. It seemed like every lap someone would ruin my run by cutting the course across my path or just blatantly running into me. There is no way I'm going to race this, it would just be suicidal for my SR.