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Tracks Gunsai Touge 1.2

Gunma Cycle Sports Center

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  2. no tracks again xD how to fix it?
  3. excellent track , worked for me
  4. Good work. Very challenging. I have made only one lab but i notice lap time don't reset when pass start point. I'll try again with many laps but again nice work realy love it.

    Edit: Me bad friend I was laping reverse meaning wrong way lap timing works perfectly:x3:
    Re After many laps lap timing do reset but best lap does not:(
    Last edited: May 31, 2014
  5. Well done, though lots of collision weirdness off-track
  6. I am so glad someone took upon themselves and made this wonderful track! I am really thankful! :)
    With that said I want to go on to feedback. Track doesn't seem bumpy enough ("suspension check" part is not there, as well as some other bumps and dips), Gunsai Touge is an extremely bumpy track in couple of spots. Also textures and track side objects need some improving. Would be nice to add some grass and 3d trackside objects. Would make the track look a bit more lively and have some character that is missing right now. Road surface could also use some love imo, especially border of the road surface that is completely straight edged (some edginess (on the border of the road) would greatly improve the feel of the track).

    BTW I would label this as v0.1 or v0.5 at most. V1.0 would mean everything is pretty much as it should be, which is not the case here. Don't take this in a wrong way please, I'm just traying to help and give you some ideas to work with. :)

    I really really hope you'll keep working on this. Please keep working on it. Pretty please? :D
    If I knew more about track making I'd pick up the slack, but unfortunately I don't. But I will learn.
    Keep up the great work and good luck!
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2014
  7. Good update on the visuals. :thumbsup:
  8. thank you all ! if you wish then take and will update the textures of the trees
  9. It's a great, fun track, but the 1.1 AC update messed up some mesh collisions and it's not possible anymore to complete a lap. You fall through the asphalt in a short section after around half of the lap. Would be awesome to have a fix, even if it was only for that one mesh.