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[GTX760] Cannot get an average of 60 fps, even on medium preset

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by -WR-, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Hey guys!

    Bought the game yesterday and I absolutely love it. Been waiting for a decent rally sim for years, since WRC has been kind of disappointing and the original DiRT-series isn't really my cup of tea.

    Anyway, I've been fiddling around with the graphics settings and it seems like I cannot reach an average of 60fps. It doesn't matter what preset I got (auto sets it on High), it doesn't matter what multisampling rate it's on, and the vsync wont help either. What am I doing wrong?

    i5-760 quad core 3,5ghz (OC, load temp <59c)
    12gb ram 1600mhz
    Asus GTX760 2gb

    EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention that I play on a 46" Sharp tv.
  3. If you view game from in car/cockpit view or like myself, bumper cam view, try turning down car reflections to lowest setting, as this is a big draw on FPS, and you won't be viewing the car from outside anyway.
  4. Thanks! I'll try this right away and report back.
  5. Fingers crossed.
    There was another setting as well, which you may not need, (ie), vehicle detail/quality or something like that, but can't remember for sure.
  6. jimortality


    I had to have Vsync on as I was getting some screen tearing but I'm on a 770 and getting 60fps. This is all on ultra as well.
  7. Ok, so I tried turning down crowd, cloth, car reflection and car details. With vsync off I got an average of 40fps (max 53, min 31), which is about what I've been getting all the time. I also tried with vsync on and got the exact same result.

    It feels as if there is a cap which prohibits it from going higher. I really have no idea what's going on. In Assetto Corsa I get constant 60fps with almost all settings on High or Ultra.

    EDIT: Ok, so I benchmarked on Ultra Low and got an average of 60fps. Then I benched on Medium again and got an average of ~48 fps. This can't be right, right? I'm not supposed to play on ultra low with my GTX760, am I?

    EDIT2: So here's a strange thing. Instead of using the games built-in benchmark test, I just turned on nvidias FPS counter and had that on while driving a track. I had vsync on and 16xCSAA and I got a range between 50-90fps. I'm not really sure what to make of this, so if anybody can guide me to a decent fps counter or any type of analysis tool I'd be glad.
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  8. TeSL9

    Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :) Premium

    i have a pc specs almost as yours and i get 50-70 on high settings (some on low, like the car reflections) and i have triple screens not full screen.
  9. For comparison purposes I'm running a i5 2500K CPU @3.3 Ghz, 8 GBs of RAM, and 4GB GTX970 - nothing overclocked - and am getting 90 FPS on Ultra settings.
  10. jimortality


    Steam have their own fps counter.
  11. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis

    Ambient occlusion is a KILLER for me on my GTX970. Disabling it completely should net you a rather large FPS gain.
  12. William Wester

    William Wester

    But, what you stated can't be used as a comparison... what "resolution" are you running?
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  13. Ok, so here is what I did. I used Steams own FPS counter. I turned on adaptable Vsync in the Dirt Rally settings in Nvidia controlpanel. In game settings I turned down reflections, ambient occlusion, and some more stuff, I had some other stuff on ultra and the multisampling was on 8xCSAAm but overall it was equivalent of High quality.

    These settings gave me extremely varied results based on what is appearing on the track. Example, on Monte Carlo using the bumper view I could have 60fps from the start and a fem hundred meters on, but when ice and snow appears on the road FPS drastically drops to ~40 fps and then up again. I don't see any tearing, but there is of course a notable difference which has an even greater negative effect when occurring right before a corner.

    So is anyone else experiencing these framerate drops?