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GTR2 Staff

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Neil Gault, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Seems Wayne has quit from the staff here so i would like to propose Ian Jarvis (aka Spad) to take over the running of this asap.
  2. Great choice:)
    He got my vote:)
  3. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    He gets mine too!
  4. So long GTR2 stays on the AIR!! i'm accepting everyone, even more than one.

    Why not both.........?
  5. oh? what happened?

    Wayne asked me if i was interested in helping out here, but tbho i've got alot going on to really justify becoming staff here, but i guess if needed (wanted) i could help out with setting up some cool endurance events temporarily
  6. That's down to Wayne to tell you whats happened mate...

    I spose I should put my CV in here considering I have been put forward.

    Some of you may know me as Spad. I have written a motec file and a simple guide on how to use it that is on another site and has got over 42,000 views and 200+ posts. I have also written several posts on how to set cars up. I have learnt what I know by trolling forums, the internet but most importantly, hassling a real world race engineer (who I may be able to get racing with us) and also learnt a lot on how damping and suspension works from a guy who used to build them. So now I have a deep rooted almost nerdy understanding of how the actual physics of a car works!!! My GF thinks I am a complete sad t**t!!

    My racing years started many moons ago in the early 90's and have been racing sim games since the first emergance of Geoff Crammonds GP and have driven all of that series I then got given a copy of GTL by a friend who never played it. Then shortly after that I got GTR and fell in love. I then got GTR2, rFactor, Race07, Evo and Race On. I will also jump on GTR3 when it finally arrives!

    In 2006 with a couple of friends we started a GTR2 league. We set up a website and SLS league system website (this could be used for the scoring in a GTR2 league) as well as a dedicated server on a comercial fibre optic leased line. The server is based in UK and I have full access to it. It is also running the server manager and this is a great tool. On the server is obviously a dedicated GTR2 server as well as all the Race series of games (Race 07, GTR-Evo and Race On). We have been running this league for the past 4 years and in the last 12 months or so it has been down to me to run it as one guys has been busy with work and then he fell in love (the pervert) f1 2010 and the other has become a father and is now well and trully under the thumb!!!!!

    I decided to join RD because the league has been waining recently and with the exception of a few die hard racers, it's stagnated with a dwindling list of drivers racing. Som of the die hards are members here and I will also approach some of the drivers on the old league to sign up here (if that is ok?)

    Right that's enough of me waving my flag!!!

  7. You got my vote btw.

    And, if needed, I can help setting up something for some LMP Prototypes races.
  8. Already been there and done the LMP's :)

    But any help is welcome and I must confess it would be nice to do some LMP racing!
  9. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    I wouldn't mind trying some LMP's in GTR2, but i haven't found any mods for them. (apart from the Audi R10 one)
    Since I've only done 3 GTR2 club events, I haven't even experienced the GT1 cars yet! So, will we doing mainly enduro events with GTR2 or a mixture of sprints/enduros?
  10. Predominantly Enduro but fun/sprint races will be involved.
  11. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    Jolly good. I did a bit of searching and found the 'Proto_Mod_cars_v241' mod. I'm guessing this is the benchmark LMP mod for GTR2?
  12. My idea is to merge some of the best cars from the Prototypes SCC Mod 2.41 with those of JPBS mod and some GT1 of the FIA GT '97 Mod, to have a car list which includes different years; what I thought is something like this more or less:

    Toyota GT-One '99
    Mercedes CLR '99
    Mercedes CLK GTR '97
    Porsche 991 GT1 '96/'97
    Nissan R390 '97/'98
    Audi R8 '00/'02
    Bentley Speed8 '03
    Audi R10 TDI '06
    Peugeot 908 HDI '07
    Pescarolo C60 '05
    Zytek 06S '06
  13. Fabrizio.... The R10 will muller everything.... and i mean everything :p

    To be perfectly honest the SCC mod by Perfect Dark is NOT the best proto mod... I sure as hell would not say its the bench mark. That goes to the JBPS mod! To many people have ranted on about how good the SCC mod is. Ive driven all the versions of SCC protos and their physics have a lot left to be desired.

    The best all round proto mod is the ALMS one.
  14. If thats the one made by NAGP you cant use it.
  15. What about the Power and Glory mod? Maybe some old GTs would be fun to drive too. Also I'm looking forward to the next race as now I have Saturdays free. The LMP sound good, but there aren't many cars. Also I think we didn't drive the GT1 which is default, so there's lots of content expecting us.
  16. You cant use the power and gloy mod cos they run GTL here so not aloud
  17. I know the problems of SCC Mod, but the NAGP ALMS Mod can't be used (I don't have it btw, better the GRID Mod). About the R10 performances, with a Ferrari 333SP or a CLK GTR, I can run faster by 2-3 secs at LM. The Toyota and the CLR are faster by more than 20km/h on the straights than the R10 (354/357 at LM for me, against 331).
    If needed, the Diesel cars can be deleted from the list btw: I never considered them as "race cars".

    Also, some of the SCC cars are very easy to drive, although not very fast: the ideal for people who can be considered "beginners" or "gentlemen drivers"
  18. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    I just gave the JBPS 908 a run-out at Montjuic. At first, it's very difficult to exit the hairpin bends (as expected) but i warmed to it after a while. I definitely got the feeling that i was in a fully-fledged 'aero' car, so it gets a thumbs up here. Funnily enough, my fastest lap was only 3s or so quicker than what we were doing in the Exiges' last night! (maybe an indicator of my skill levels!)
    I'll give the SCC mod a tryout sometime and try and compare the two.
  19. WHy's that mate?

    They certainly are aero cars. In the JPBS R10 and 908 I have hit 3.12 laps at LM. I've found that if you get the hammer down they absolutely fly thru the corners. It's a case of beleiving they will grip.
  20. NAGP Mod is "illegal" because uses cars taken without any authorization from the original makers and some converted cars

    It's mainly due to the tyres the JPBS cars are using: they've too much grip. I use for them the same tyres of the SCC Mod.