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GTR2 Skinning Guide How To Get Your Car In Game

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Wayne Reed, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Wayne Reed

    Wayne Reed

    The first the you will need to do is go into your GTR2 game folder.

    Go into C:\GTR2\GameData\Teams And then the class you wish to use your skin in. You will then need to onpen the car folder (IE) NGT/Porsche 996 GT3 RSR Teams.

    The next thing to do is make a folder with the name of the team you want to have. For this guide I will call the team RaceDepartment.

    Now when you have done that go in to one of the other Team folders and copy the files in there. Some folder's will have two cars you only need to copy one lot of them over. The files you will need are.

    • 04088_CPIT_ULTRA_TEX​
    • 04088_ULTRA_TEX​
    • 04088_TEX​
    • 04088_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSRGraph​
    • 04088_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSR_Graph​
    • 04088_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSR_tech2​
    • 04088_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSR_tech1​
    • 04088_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSR .Car File​
    After Doing that you will have to change the Number of the car. This number is the what you see at the start of each file and works like this.

    04 is the year as in 2004
    088 is the car number

    Only change the last 3 numbers

    So for our Team will will change that number 025

    So now your files should look like this.

    • 04025_CPIT_ULTRA_TEX​
    • 04025_ULTRA_TEX​
    • 04025_TEX​
    • 04025_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSRGraph​
    • 04025_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSR_Graph​
    • 04025_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSR_tech2​
    • 04025_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSR_tech1​
    • 04025_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSR .Car File​
    Now the next thing you will have to do is change some text in the .CAR file

    So click on this file and open with note pad.

    Now you have that open you will see all the car info

    Here are things you will need to change.

    • 2004 #088 - NG_2004 - Porsche GT3 RSR - GruppeM, Simulation​
    • Number=04088​
    • Team="GruppeM"​
    • PitGroup=""​
    • Driver="Tim Sugden"​
    • Driver1="Tim Sugden"​
    • Driver2="Jonathan Cocker"​

    So now we change them to look how we need.

    • 2004 #025 - NG_2004 - Porsche GT3 RSR - GruppeM, Simulation​
    • Number=04025​
    • Team="RaceDepartment"​
    • PitGroup=""​
    • Driver="Your Name Goes Here"​
    • Driver1="Your Name Goes Here"​
    • Driver2="Jonathan Cocker"​
    Now you have done that just click on file and save and let it over right.

    Now you will need to open.


    And change the text at the top

    GameData\Teams\NGT\Porsche 996 GT3 RSR Teams\Gruppe M\04088_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSRGraph.bmp

    GameData\Teams\NGT\Porsche 996 GT3 RSR Teams\RaceDepartment\04025_NGT_PORSCHE_GT3RSRGraph.bmp

    Now click on file and save and let it over right.

    For the next job we have to do is get a programme called


    You can get this file HERE

    When you have this click on it and you should have some thing that looks like this.


    Now what you want to do is make one folder you will not need to keep theses when the work is done.

    Call one folder TEX.

    Now go back to Geditor And click on file and point to the TEX

    The will be in here C:\GTR2\GameData\Teams\NGT\Porsche 996 GT3 RSR Teams\RaceDepartment.

    And open it you should have some thing that looks like this.

    Geditor Cpit Ultra Tex .jpg

    Now what you need to do is export these files to the TEX folder we made. When you do so change the number at the start to the number of your car. When you have done this the files in that folder should look like this. When you have Exported all the files delete the files that are there in Geditor (NOT THE ONE'S IN THE FOLDER)

    • 04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_CPIT01.DDS
    • 04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_CPIT02.DDS
    • 04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_CPIT03.DDS
    • 04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_BODY1.DDS

    Now what you need to do is get the two .DDS files from the skin you have made. And rename them to.

    • 04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_BODY1.DDS

    And place them in the TEX folder and over right the original files.

    Now go back into Geditor and click on Import and select the files from the TEX folder.

    Now all the files should have the new numbers and if you click on the

    04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_BODY1.DDS you should see your skin.

    Geditor Cpit Ultra Tex  new skin added.jpg

    Now click on file and save ( Note do not close Geditor in till it has saved. You know when this is done by look at the bottom left and you will see a box with a green line in it when that has gone it is done.

    Now go back in to Geditor and open the 04088_CPIT_ULTRA_TEX

    Now delete the files that are in there. Now Import these files

    • 04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_CPIT01.DDS
    • 04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_CPIT02.DDS
    • 04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_CPIT03.DDS

    And the click on file and save.

    Now the last one click on file open and then on 04088_ULTRA_TEX

    Delete the 1 file that is in there.

    Now Import this file.

    • 04025_PORSCHE_996GT3RSR_BODY1.DDS

    Now click on file and save.

    You can mow delete the folder you made as you now longer need it.

    Thats it your done. Now boot up GTR2 and see your car in game.

    GTR2 2010-10-25 13-25-29-89.jpg

    As you can see I used the Porsche 996 GT3 RSR.

    It does not matter what car you use in GTR2 it is all done the same way.

    If it does not work just go back and look at all the things you have done. Most of the time if it does not work it is because you have got 1 number wrong some were.

    I hope this helps you on your way to making the game just how you like.

    Thanks wayne Reed.
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  2. Wayne Reed

    Wayne Reed

    You can also download this guide in a PDF HERE
  3. Senad Subasic

    Senad Subasic

    Nicely done, thanks.

    I was thinking of doing my own, but now that I see the workload involved, I think the default skins look great :parrot:
  4. Wayne Reed

    Wayne Reed

    Lol you should give it a try mate. it looks long but its not really. it only take about 10 min to do :)
  5. bmwracer


    Sorry for the noob question, but can I use the GTR2 skins, mods, etc. in GTR1 or do I need to upgrade to GTR2?
  6. Wayne Reed

    Wayne Reed

    U can get some really old skins in to gtr1 with abit of messing about. but your better of with gtr2 mate
  7. Lee Day

    Lee Day

    Hi there,

    I'm having a bit of trouble following this. What does this actually do? Does it change the number on the actual skin? I've followed the instructions and the skin number stays the same, so I'm guessing it doesn't.