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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Azfalt Raser, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. I posted here because I'm normally in R3E and alot of you guys are cross platform.

    Do we have anyone that has experience with GTR2/rFactor/rFactor2/GSCE/SCE/Automobilista
    What is the difference? I own GTR2 and rFactor (refund requested). I have demos for rF2 and GSCE. They all look and feel somewhat similar. GTR2/rF/rF2/GSCE
    I haven't tried SCE or Automobilista.

    I just want to get one of those (above) so I can track down mods to drive the most up to date (graphically) CART cars, V8Supercars, and TransAm series cars. I would prefer the 90's era for all series, but I'll take the most up to date graphics versions I can find. If that means I buy more of those sims....so be it.

    Your advice would be appreciated.
  2. I have all, and more. :p My personal ranking on today racing sims is...

    1. Automobilista
    2. rFactor 2
    3. RaceRoom Racing Experience
    4. Assetto Corsa
    5. Project Cars

    Automobilista is a evolution of Stock Car Extreme, also called before Game Stock Car Extreme, and before Game Stock Car 2013 by Reiza. SCE/GSCE/GSC2013 is also a big evolution of rFactor 1 by ISI. Cars from Reiza are the best ever made on rF engine for me.

    rFactor 2 is a big evolution of rFactor 1 too. Is like Automobilista but made by ISI.

    I always prefer rFactor 1 before old simbin games like GTR2/Race07. But rFactor 1 is good when you put a superb mod like Enduracers or DRM. But since I buy GSC2013 on early 2014 never play rF again.

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  3. ouvert

    Premium Member

    AMS for physics and overall quality
    GTR Evo for nostalgia and overall package
    Gtr2 cause this one is must have
    Rf2 to see how physics could be done
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  4. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member

    AMS / rF2 , are from the same engine so pretty solid , the difference AMS looks better rF2 drives better
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  5. ouvert

    Premium Member

    Well rf2 is massively updated engine (to the point they can call it 2.5), AMS engine changess are not that extensive yet (more like 2.1)
  6. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium Member

    All listed games are basicly developed from the same engine, but it has been so modified in last years, that it is not much important anymore. I am regulary driving almost all of these games (GTR2 and rFactor not anymore in last years), I like progress from SCE and how AMS represented H shifter and clutch work, and of course their vintage cars. RRRE I like because full series of racing cars instead just one car from different serie, but if you wanna devote your time to rFactor2, it is the most rewarding racing game of present. I am sorry because my English is not so good to express all what this game offers you in a matter of complexity of driving experience and searching new ways to understand car better to do faster laps. It is not the game where you can just jump in the car and do quick laps, even you are fast when racing other games and you need to know, a lot of the fastest guys from RD are driving in different rF2 leagues around the World. The fact, servers are mostly empty outside leagues just tells, you need to do a lot of work before you really start to enjoying it, and that is also the fact, which keeps away casual racers from this game.
    Beleve me, I am not a fanboy of rFactor2, not at all, and it is has some weird bugs, clutch sistem is the worse of all racing games, you can do with H shifter whatever you want and you will not destroy anything inside the car, even ISI promised about 3 years ago they will fix it, it crashes sometimes you have no clue why, but if you ask me, which game I would like to drive if you give me just one on choice, it would be rFactor 2 for sure.

    It is my personal opinion and if someone does not agree, I respect it, so no need to try convince me I am wrong :thumbsup:
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  7. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member

  8. 1. Automobilista
    2. GTR2
    3. RaceRoom Racing Experience
    4. GPL
    5. Assetto Corsa
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  9. Your english is just fine! :p Thank you for your opinions.
    I just want the latest version of CART factor & V8Supercars. And TransAM cars if possible.
    Can you guys suggest a version?

    The links for rFactor for these mods do not work.
    The website post may say 2015, but the links go to pages with links dated 2009 and none of them seem to work - at least - I get a message saying connection error DNS not reachable or something like that.

    pCars is just a nightmare. One day, ffb is perfect, the next the steering is so sensitive it's not driveable. Whatever reason, the ffb changes from 1920x1080 to 5760x1080.
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  10. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    In my opinion this is the best CART I've came across recently.
    I think the last Trans am mod I used was in Nascar 2k3.
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  11. I prefer the modern Indycar in RF2. Wow, it is superb and the FFB is oh so good.
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  12. I really did like the ffb in my old rF2 demo (Corvette & some type of Formula car at Silverstone). Just a hair bit skittish in the rear, but I guess it's up to me to tune that out. GSCE ffb, I thought felt about the same. But I like the stock car on Interlagos. Fantastic track/car.

    I wanted to drive some of the older cars. One's that brought back memories for me.
    I found a GT500 mod? Couldn't download that either.
    I want to battle with Andretti or Al Unser Jr. @Kenny Paton thanks for the download link. Finally, one that works!!!
    I was "etherized" by the Holden HSV cars, when I was in Australia - forget Fords or Volvo's ....HOLDEN!!!:p

    Keep the links coming or point me in the right direction. :thumbsup:
    Many Thanks! :)

    Ooops...now how to figure out the install.
  13. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Member Premium Member

    I suppose it all depends on what you're looking for.

    I'm reasonably sure that most of us can agree that rF2 has the best physics-engine.
    And yet, it'll never be my go-to sim. It's too....clinical, I suppose is the word.
    Extremely good sim, but I can't find any immersion in it. As always, just my opinion.

    GSC/AMS is probably the best all-round deal right now. Decent enough to look at, not bad physics, and a very good AI.
    Not to mention that there is a ton of mods for GSC, and eventually they'll be converted to AMS as well.
    Which is also the biggest problem I have with GSC/AMS. I'm not wild about mods in general.
    The quality varies from very good to extremely poor, and there is all sorts of hoops you have to jump through. Not to mention that you have to check constantly to see if one particular mod has been updated, and check if some are incompatible with others and .....gawd.....Nope, give me stock content, and I'll be happy to pay for it.
    But if you want CART and SuperV8s, there's no avoiding GSC/AMS.
    Just be aware that Reiza is kinda stuck between them right now. Most mods haven't been upgraded from GSC yet, and they're still hammering out the bugs in AMS.

    rF1 I only have installed for the HistoryX mod. Absolutely no other interest in that game, but I do love vintage racing.

    GTR2 (with the Reborn mod) still sees plenty of game-time on my rig.
    It's just such a complete package, and everything just WORKS.
    And it is the only game that allows you to do serious endurance racing against an AI.
    I even have another install of it with the ALMS series mod. Multi-class endurance racing at Sebring....What more could you possibly want? :D

    AC is to me mostly a bit of a mystery.
    I mean, it looks good, and feels OK to drive as well. But it doesn't really offer anything special that I can't get somewhere else.
    Not to mention that I find the cars in that game something of a mixed bag.
    Still drag it out from time to time, but I doubt it'll ever be more than a hotlap sim for me.

    R3E is my current go-to sim.
    Now, I'm not a fanboy. I'll be the first to admit that it has its fair share of bugs, and some pretty glaring omissions. Not to mention that the business-model is a little.....well, it's something. ;)
    It delivers immersion in spades. Just the sound alone..... :D
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  14. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    This is exactly how I feel also.
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  15. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    For a superb GT500 mod try here.
    It's for GTR2 and covers 2005 to 2013.
    I would definitely have a look at SCE for V8 fun.
    Lars probably summed it up best.
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  16. Delayed reply, sorry...

    Before Assetto Corsa, my favorite racing game was rFactor.
    Despite not having rain like GTR2... But it had more mods and tracks, especially hillclimbs which I love, so I eventually drove way more rFactor than GTR2.
    GTR2 did seem to be the most "complete" experience of the 2000s.
    Rain, night racing, all kind of mods, the best GT cars...
    in rFactor, your driver was invisible, while in GTR2 you could even see his feet moving on the pedals.
    (even Assetto Corsa doesn't have this...)

    In the early 2010s, I tried GSCE and I didn't see the point. It didn't offer anything better than
    Less mods too...
    I think the lighting was a bit better...
    Some people said the tyre model was better... Didn't feel a difference though.
    I'm not an expert at all, but I read on many websites that basically, GSCE was a "heavily modded rFactor"?

    I finally tried rFactor 2, which I uninstalled 1 hour later.
    Either it was a beta version or maybe something was wrong, but it felt really terrible, and graphics way worse than rFactor 1...
    Also it has been developed since a decade and we don't see the end of it.
    I think it'll be eventually abandoned.

    Didn't try Automobilista yet...
    Graphics have improved again...
    Apparently GSCE mods don't work on Automobilista and have to be "converted", so...
    For now this game has only a few mods...
    But still I guess it's useless for you to buy GSCE for now.
    I assume Automobilista is the most advanced version of rFactor now.

    It's confusing though...
    Maybe a very stupid question, but...
    I don't get why some Brazilian developers would work on rFactor 1 engine instead of developing mods for rFactor 2?:O_o:

    For now my favorite racing simulation is Assetto Corsa, cos I prefer its physics, also graphics blow out of the water most rivals, and I include Project Cars.
    And yet it's lacking many many features...
    But it has the most hillclimbs/rally tracks (mods), which is what I drive the most, so...:p

    As for your question, though...
    I can't recommend Assetto Corsa, it's lacking any serious "cups"...
    The best CART cars I ever drove were in the first rFactor, and I think you'll find the best Transam cars again in both rFactor and GTR2, with mods of course.
    So yeah for me, the 2000s simulations are STILL the best, which is quite sad, actually.

    I still dream about a racing simulation as fully-featured as GTR2, with Assetto Corsa's graphics, and why not R3E sound...;)
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  17. BhZ

    Premium Member

    Bye bye social life...
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  18. Metalogic

    Premium Member

    But which one's AI?
  19. BhZ

    Premium Member

    Not assetto corsa's one for sure.
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  20. hmmm I can't talk for recent games, but personally I would choose GTR2 A.I..
    Also, if I'm not mistaken, one of the mods was improving it even further.
    I wonder if it wasn't "Reborn" mod or something like that...

    Edit : yep, it's "Reborn".

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2016
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