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GTR2 Mod

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Jamie R, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. The full thing I think! :D. I just beg someone to do Evo physics for it and do them well - not like the MC12, Murci and 550 where they just had different setups.

    But anyway, still nice to see all the cars from GTR2 finally here :).

    EDIT: Oops, forgot link: http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=17626
  2. If the mod work fine, a "Porshe carrera cup" should be a great idea :)
  3. I just tested the mod in a 15 min race round Nurburgring GP and they seem balanced against the Evo cars. Did the GTR2 top classes vs Evo Pro and Evo Pro got 1st & 3rd & last while GTR2 got 2nd and another 4 in the top 10. So maybe the physics aren't completely the same? Either way, it's great that they work together :D.
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    GTR2 physics so unbalanced with Evo cars = no go
  5. Do i download or not????

  6. If you miss the old GTR2 cars, then yes :)

    They may not be "balanced" like the other Evo cars, but they drive sooooooo much better than they ever did in GTR2.
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    How can they drive much better then in GTR2 when the physics are the same?
  8. its one but its swedish
    here it is if you can swedish we dont advertise without approval
  9. I agree this mod drive much better then in GTR 2!!!
  10. Because they aren't really the same physics. It may be GTR2 cars, but it's Evo tire model and Evo FFB. Take them for a spin you'll see :)

    See? :rotfl:
  11. I have installed this mod in race 07 and none of the icons show up in race07, i have checked for previous versions and the files and folders in the read me and didn't have them so no files to delete.
    Anyone got any ideas, all the addon tracks I have put in work perfectly
  12. No idea quakesim. And at people saying about the physics, they are very balanced with GTR Evo ones because as Mike said, they aren't really the same, it's the same tyre physics and that.

    When I ran a race against the Evo cars in them, and Evo car won, followed by a GTR2 one and another Evo one. So they are deffinetly balanced :D
  13. Too bad that with this comes the GTR2 physics problems like ridiculous braking capability and small chance of recovery when you lose control.

    We need a good physics mod for them converted from GTR2, maybe one with FIA 2008 or 2009 specs. NAP mod? There was one for the other conversion that worked well and brought them a little closer to Evo GT cars characteristics.
  14. Can soemone help?

    This GTR2 mod for GTR Evo gives you two folders, GAMEDATA and UIdata. Whee do you put those folders so you can use this in Evo?

    Does the mod allow you to run the series that are in GTR2--with two car classes on the track at the same time?
  15. Just copy and paste both folders to steam/steam apps/your name/race 07 and allow to overrite
    I don't remember and your second question but you'll see.
  16. Sorry, don't really understand what you mean. You can run as many different classes you want using the car filter if that's what you mean.