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Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Neil Gault, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. To kick off a new session of GTR2 races here at the Racedepartment will be an old team of Rickard Norgren and myself Neil Gault, both of us have been heavily involved in organising races in the past so i guess now we have both had enough of a break and are keen to keep the ball rolling with the GTR2 revival.

    The first of our races will be on the 16th of January at a little used track which should suit us fine for what we have planned. A drop in sprint night from 8 till late, around the Barcelona National circuit using either the BMW M3 or the Gillet Vertigo, and to keep it even closer up front we plan to use weight penalties to keep any aliens among us in check (more details to follow in the race announcement)

    The second event which is scheduled for the 23rd will be a NGT race night with 2 races of 45 minutes each.
    The tracks we plan to use for these races are Bathurst & Barbagallo.

    To complete the first round of events will be the 90 minute endurance race at Le Mans on the 30th, cars for this event have still to be decided but the Prototypes 1998-2008 SCC is looking like a good bet for this event at the moment.

    This will lead us back to another sprint night to start February off the following week so if you have any favourites or preferences then lets hear them as we are always open to suggestions.

    I hope this is enough to wet your appetite for some good fun GTR2 races.
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Me hungry now :)
  3. Head over here please guys as a quick vote is needed to see which cars will be used for this event
  4. Just bought new wheel.:veryhappy:
    Count on me for th 23rd.
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Isnt it better to post these announcements in the GTR2 forum? There ae still a lot of people checking that forum daily. The social group feature of vbulletin (though really cool) is too much hidden. Took me months to realize we had it lol :)
  6. Looks like you do not like these groups Bram :)
    The races are posted in the racing club section of the forum as well as being listed in here, but unlike the normal forum people can subscribe to this club so any new announcement for a race and they will get an email telling them so, yes they can subscribe to the gtr2 forum section which would do a similar job but then they would get email for every post within that section and not just for race announcements or track updates and the like. So although they are hidden away they have their usefulness.
  7. Spa sign up is now open guys, going to miss this one myself as i hope to be away on holiday so i hope you all have a great race.
  8. Schedule of races

    March 20th - Algarve
    April 3rd - Hockenheim
    April 10th - Sugo
    April 17th - Daytona
    May 1st - Mid Ohio
    May 8th - Trois Rivieres
    May 15th - Donington Park
    May 29th - Spa Francorchamps
    June 12th - Le Mans

    If this schedule looks familiar to any of you then you would be right as it is based on the STC BLUE CUP 2010 - Official Calendar so any of you wanted to get acquainted with these tracks then now you can with this series of fun races. where possible then all tracks will be the same conversions as the ones used for the stc races.
  9. sorry guys but with only 3 guys showings from the 8 that had signed up for the last event then it made me rethink a few things and i have decided not to bother trying to put together any more GTR2 events here at RD, instead i will get my GTR2 fix elsewhere.

    Thnx to all who filled the grids when they could.
  10. Hi all the job of running this group has been given to me today so i am hoping to a good job for you guys.

    i am working on a league at the mo and will let you waht it is as soon as i have it all worked out:)

    thanks wayne
  11. Thanks Wayne
  12. I am having fun testing these babes right now :D

  13. Hey Neil,

    Which Mod is it? And where can I download the cars?
  14. Hi all sorry not made any posts in here had a lot going on with my life.

    Any way i have been doing alot of thinking and asking others to come up with ways we can make the club events better (ie more sign ups) got some good things back from mebers and my self so i thought i would give them ago.

    First up is i will be changing the 1 week by week racing and making it in to a 4 week same car mini championship were you will get point a bit like a league.

    Next up i am going to bring back the endruo racing to gtr2 after lots of you said it was some thing ypu really liked the last time they was run.

    The first event is up now for the new club system click here if you would like to take part

    As for the endruo i am still working on the fine print so that shold be up soon.

    Thanks wayne
  15. Well the first one was a huge success and it was great to see 20+ cars on the grid so long may it continue, looking forward to Spa now :D