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GTR-Evo's high mortality rate.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Luc Byard, May 31, 2009.

  1. Does anybody else have, or know how to fix GTR-Evo's ridiculous AI DNF rate. A GT Club half-hour race today yeilded 9 out 20 cars classified at the end. A 90 minute GT Pro race I did the other week had 3 classified finishers from 25 entries. I've had the same "less than half" with F3000 races aswell on both GTR and add-on circuits.

    Does anybody know why the AI suffers so many mechanical failures? I'm loathed to solve the problem by turning them off completely but when I finish on the podium, I don't want to be there simply by virtue of finishing.

    Any help is much apreciated.

  2. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Really!! I have the problem of the cars never retiring!!

    Very odd!

  3. Same here .
  4. I must say, I've never done as long as a 90 minute race with the AI to be honest. All I can think of is that in the drivers there are various options, like likelihood of spinning out etc, perhaps theres also one for mechanical faliures, also check how hard the cars are pushing their cars, if they are pushing the revs with the radiator hardly open, that might account for it. I heard that the AI use your setup as a basis, so you might have your radiator open at 2 because you'll change at the yellow, but the AI might use that yet change in the red. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Luc, Ross, what do you usually have your AI set to? That may be the difference right there...
  6. also - was it an add-on track....? ai quality is generally far lower, cause builders ain't necessarily good drivers (looking at me? :sinister:)... and if the fuel hasn't been tweaked properly then they often run out of fuel in the race....
  7. Evo's AI may not be the best, but I think we should all be thankful it's not rFactor AI :)
  8. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs


    lol, no its on all tracks in the game add-on and Simbin. I wisht here were settings in a file where you can edit the AI's agression and talent etc.
  9. That could very well be making the AI overly aggressive, resulting in more accidents...?

    I usually run at 99% but i'm on a controller so i'm prone to many driver errors in the turns :D
  10. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    More accidents = more fun in my view :D (And more entertaining instant replays :D)
  11. Agreed. I thought it was Luc who had replied with 110%, so now I have no idea why he is experiencing such a high AI DNF %age.
  12. I have experienced mostly the situation that the AI run out of fuel in the end.
  13. I run at 93% difficulty at the moment as at that level, I'm capable of winning, but not if I make mistakes.

    Of all my experiences, it was actually a stock circuit (Istanbul) that was the worst (3 out of 25). Knockhill and A1 ring have been better with 45% - 50% finishing the race.

    I have run with my radiator reduced but only to bring my oil/water temps in to the 70's - 80's window, I've never intentionally run hotter.

    I made a .PLR modification to the AI reducing their use of available braking grip and power in order to stop them from rear ending me like Forza AI (separate issue) but I've had mortality issues before and after.

    The fuel compensation thing could be an idea because not many of the cars list mechanical failures like "engine" or "suspension" on the results screen, most are just "DNF". Does anyone know how to modify where in the .PLR file so that I can see if they are just all running out of fuel?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  14. Ok, you do have the fuel-bug. Race07 doesn't know how to react to timed competitions and fuel. A known issue and renders most of the timed races useless. I think, not sure just a thought, that if you calculate a time that leaves the AI surely out of fuel, like 10 laps over they will then fill out the tanks but if the end is closer, like 1-4laps they run out. Or they just don't know how to refuel, which would be almost an a-hole-magnitude bug to leave in a game..
  15. I've watched my replay from the race at A1 ring. That race was set to 20 laps and 10 of the 11 retirees did so before lap 11. That I could see, they all pitted, waited about 7 or 8 seconds, then retired. This stated on lap 3.
  16. Hmm, weird.. Haven't got that one but it's been a long time since the last offline race. Don't remember now what was the maximum laps allowed, not enough anyway to have an endurance race. I stopped driving completely offline partly because every timed competition ended in AI retiring.

    Another really annoying bug in the game. One would think that bugs like this isn't so hard to fix but it may well be an underlying problem with the game engine.
  17. im racing at 105% with full damage at a newly downloaded 1977 Le Mans Circuit De Sarthe ( and enjoying.. thanks!). I never get the ultra mechanical probs with my bunch.

    Mine is when i accidentally whack them at 200mph on the straights or vice - versa. i usually race with 56drivers and kill half the bunch.

    I dont have online so i guess im not the bunch of idiots in the other thread.
    and i wont be.

  18. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Nah the RD Racing Club is very clean, wont find a better set of racers anywhere :) (Well except F1 :wink:)