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GTR Evolution Reinstall

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Simon Kaminski, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Hello!

    I want to reinstall my GTR Evolution..

    Inserted DVD .. Setup .. Online .. goes to Steam

    GTR Evolution was installed from DVD, but no Race 07

    If I want to play Evo I need Race 07, which is not installed from DVD?!

    I have only DSL 2000 and don't want wait 6 Years for downloading?

    Any solution to install Race 07 from Evo DVD too? There were no problems on the first install of this game :(
  2. what i did was copy my entire steam folder with everything installed, into a safe place, then when you wanna reinstall sometime, install steam then copy the lot back into the folder. a quick verify online with steam and its ready to go.

    if you have GTRe DVD i thought RACE07 came with that on the disc.?
  3. Yeah it's on the disc but not installing from DVD...
  4. thats strange, have you tried browsing the DVD, find the folder 'online', then if on vista, right click setup.exe and install as admin ?. , sorry i only have race 07 DVD so i dont know exactly whats on GTRe DVD, other than what i've said i cant help any more.
  5. Full version of GTR on DVD will have red writing across top of front cover of box saying - full version including Race07 - Its a long time since I installed form DVD - I think there may be a way - but read the individual screens that pop up as you go through the install procedure carefully - so easy to click through and send it off in the wrong direction.

    Bear in mind that if youv'e installed and activated before that copy of GTR Evo is LOCKED to the steam account it was originally activated on so, DO NOT create a new steam account.

    Also bear in mind because of this locking the online install has got to connect to Steam, for verification and to allow it to download uopdates and patches so you can play against other people - and that could be a hefty download in it self. I have seen things before about this downloading from the internet and am sure it can install from disk if you follow a logical procedure and answer the questions properly - make sure steam is NOT running when you start the install.

    Good luck let us know how you get on so others might not have this irritating problem.
  6. When installing the online version of Race07 it will DL about 2gigs of data from Stream even if you have the DVD. Steam has a great backup system so it is a good idea to make a backup as soon as you have DL the game content.