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GTR Evolution Formula 1200/Vee MOD

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by kartracer76, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone.

    I am looking for someone to build a mod for GTR Evolution. The perticular mod that I have in mind was a Formula 1200/Vee mod. I can provide you with telemetry and chassis specs as well as suspension and engine specs. The type of telemetry that I can provide you with is that of the MyChron 3 GOLD version. I can provide you with pictures and as much info as you will need. I hope that someone will be interested in making this mod.

    Cheers, Zac Mahoney:yo:
  2. Just break the wings off the FBMW and add about 500kgs to the car and voila :peace:
  3. Lol that sounds ok but what I am looking for is a real F1200 mod. These cars have very unique handling and an FBMW with no wings and weight would not work very well. Thank you. I am looking fro someone to build this mod for me. I will supply any information needed.
  4. i know how the physics engine work under rFactor and how to edit it, its supposed that Simbin use almost the same model. Send me a PM for more info if you are insterested. I can't model in 3D or do the User Interface, but i can make the car's physics if you want:yo: :)
  5. still no news???