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GTR Evolution AI

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jake McCloy, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Does anybody else besides me have difficulty being competitive with the standard AI drivers from one track to another? What I mean is, that for one track (for example, Brno) I can usually make my way from 24th place to 1st during a 10 lap race with the AI set to 100%, yet on another track (for example, Monza) I'm lucky to stay in 20th place with the AI set to 100% throughout the race. Any advice?
  2. Keep driving! you just need more time.

    YOU should be able to beat AI at 100% all the time before you can expect to do reasonably wel against an experienced grid.

    Wy the disparity? dunno man.
  3. It also depends what cars you're driving.

    I've noticed that the AI for real racing series like WTCC are much better than the AI for cars like the GT series - which is not based on any real racing series.
  4. The race track is also important to bots performance...

    For instances, "AI" 110% at Estoril with the extremes has a race pace near to RDSTL D1 top 10. Again 110% but at Brands (long), or Istanbul, the "AI" is nowhere to be seen and loses more than 5 seconds a lap.

    Also don't forget that this % aren't in anyway related with "AI” "skill", it's just pure acceleration and top speed. So put a couple of tight (uphill/downhill) corners and the AI can lose allot of time.
  5. Ouch,

    I'm racing at 96%
    97% might be possible
    Just had a feeling that it went so well :disapointed:

  6. Thanks for the information. Is there anyway to edit the AI's "skill" level to my liking?
  7. Yes; that's the short answer...

    I'm not one able to give you the longue version... try it in the "RACE On MOD" forum :wink2:
  8. I've seen difference in ai strength in almost every racing game i've played.
    Its very weird though.
    Like in F1 Championship edition for ps3 the ai will sometimes beat me with more than a second.
    But on some tracks im 3 to 4 secs a lap quicker.
    And in R07 its the same.
    On some tracks your able to win 0.5sec in 1 turn and most of the times its not even a tricky turn but the ai just cant go as fast as you.
    But i think its joao said before..more tight and slow corners will slow the ai down and u will be able to beat them...i think ;)