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GTR EVO and ATI Crossfire

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mark Schuttenhelm, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    I would like to know if GTR EVO supports Crossfire from ATI... and if so what kind of performance gain do I get? (i play on 1920x1200 28" and a E8500 proc with a HD4870 videocard (which can have a little friend :) )

    I know not alle the games support it and i couldn't find anything about this matter on the www.

  2. I believe it supports it but one 4870 should rape Evo even on that resolution :p

    You getting low performance with just one?
  3. well i can't put all the eye candy on (in EVO and in ATI control center) it's not bad but it can always be better
  4. you got the 512mb version?

  5. Yes
  6. Ye, 1gb one better with aa and higher resolutions.

    Maybe worth grabbing second one and crossfire it then.
  7. Still it's weird, I can run with HD4850 512MB and all eye candy. 1920*1080 btw..
  8. Ye that's what I was wondering. A single 4870 should rape Evo even at that resolution, so somethings not right?
  9. Adaptive AA must be off. But that doesn't give you any eyecandy. In GTR2 your image quality even gets worse. I got normal AA on 12x
  10. Well it does "rape" it but when i am in a online league race with 25 cars i really can't put all the candy on.

    when i test the PC in 3dmark the score is very good so the pc must be in good shape ;)

    I will test that adaptive AA though ...

    @ Roy nice find!!
  11. Is that 3dmark06? If it is it's heavily cpu dependent and main score comes from how fast your CPU is, unless your talking about Vantage?
  12. Yes, Evo does use CrossFire. I'm running 2 x HD4890's, res 1920 x 1200, AA = level 3 on the Evo configuration table (whatever that means).

    I don't know if there's an Evo benchmark to run, but scaling is very good in games e.g. in Far Cry 2 it's about 87%