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GTR:E Less than a tenner.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Paul Metcalfe, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Play.com

    Look at that! GTR:E including Race 07, for less than ten of her majesty's pounds.

    Got to be worth a punt now for all those people who'd not purchased it yet(although that might be a small minority on here ;) ).
  2. A bargain indeed, cheaper then the expansion alone cost me on Steam :)
  3. I bought this game a week a go for £17.. Gutted XD
  4. Nice spot! Just treated my dad to a copy
  5. Got mine for £17.99 when it first came out. I didn't have Race 07 so I thought it was a bargin, but for a £10 it's a steal. Get it now if you haven't done so already :D
  6. GTR Evo price in the UK is far cheaper than in Germany. I even bought my copy from Amazon.co.uk for €25 a month ago. Evo price in Germany is still around €50 with delivery and now i can get a copy from play.com for €14 with delivery. Evo price in Germany is such a ripoff.
  7. Someone I know got Race 07 for £4.99 when it was £30 everywhere else on play.com