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Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by Ramon van Rijn, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Sales after the first six months are small, combine this with the low price of games a few months after launch (full copy of Race On is now £9 from Amazon uk) and their importance is even lower. A new mod might rekindle interest from existing owners but I doubt someone who doesn't own the title will find out about a mod and then buy the game to run a mod.

    Check out the download numbers of mods/tracks at NoGrip - typically they are in the thousands when the original games sold in the low hundreds of thousands. Mods are important to the modding community but most buyers never mod their games (with the exception of rFactor of course).
  2. I really hope for this game to be a more realistic one,rain,dry line,shadow from the trees affecting the temperature of the track,etc.With a little bit improove of the graphics this will be the ultimate driving sim afordable for the most of us.:smile:
    Really looking forward for this one! Uhhhhh,can't wait! :thumbup: This phrase sas alot: “easy to drive, hard to master” .
    "Will take gamers back to the roots of SimBin style racing games" ,i hope this is the truth :biggrin:
  3. As much as I hate to agree (being a modder) but look at the F1 2007 for R07, 5000 downloads in a month is sweet for a mod, but when you thing that the R07 series must be in the few hundred thousand sales or more (guessing here) that is a very small uptake of a popular series mod that most seem to think is top of the line as mods go... DLC, maybe the option to add mod tracks and all the cars (updated) from R07 series and a full GT1/GT2 lineup will still be a massive release.

    I do believe that they may also look at something where a mod maybe submitted to be add to the DLC as free content, but licencing might limit this kind of method...

    All that aside, truly looking forward to this title.
  4. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Good call ^^ I hated it in RFactor when you couldn't join with a downloaded skin because it wasn't recognized on the server. Race 07 was a bit better, but nobody else could see it unless they had it downloaded. So on a non-league/club race a skin was pointless.
  5. But is dlc such a money spinner for a game(sim) ,if as Günthar Rowe says that only 5000s downloads of a free mod ,dosent that mean that a lot less people will part with cash for a dlc,the other issue is patches ,look at race on ,i bought it boxed and have yet to get a patch for the offline version.
    Look at shift ,their opinion seems to be its not worth putting out dlc for pc,and release a beta version,and while its moddable its only that after the files got decrypted.
    Im looking forward to "GTR3" still but only if its moddable as well as dlc(paid only if the content is worth it)directx 11 and multi threaded.
  6. Wouldn't the signs mean this:
    GTR1 GT-class(es)
    I don't know about the American stuff
    But the Japanese?
  7. Not sure about that if rF2 will be 'owned' by the guys of RSC/SRW/SRT. They have thrown their name in the trash bin on virtualr.
  8. Think there's any chance they use laser scanning for the tracks like iracing does? ( but I guess it would be too costly for every single track...)

    Would be great to have tracks that look amazing, but also have all the little bumps and imperfections that make it fun to race on...
  9. Yes Joshua.This is the most important improvment that we expect from a new Sim of Simbin.More realistic and simulated driving experience.:rolleyes:
  10. The thing with DLC is it's official and advertised to the public that bought the product.

    A mod on the other hand will only be found by those people in communities like ours. Look at a game like Race On. Say it sold a million copies. Only a handful of those buyers, say 10 thousand are part of the online community like RD etc so they're the only ones that will hear of the Mod. DLC will be advertised on the official site, in magazines and possibly via the game itself if used online, so in theory a big proportion of the owners will be made aware of it and go on to buy it.

    I hope DLC will be offered to the PC owners this time unlike some of Race Pro's extra content:confused:.
  11. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    The expansion packs of RACE were also advertised in the game and still i dont see any increase in the online lobby of newer content.

    For me i would like to buy a game and play it directly out of the box. My main concern are not mods or DLC's or expansion packs.

    I rather have a huge package for a high prize than smaller packages with addon content.

    But I am not the average customer i guess
  12. i am with you Bram i rather have a bigger addon every now and then as some small DLC's
    as i dont like to pay for every tree on the trackside extra like Iracing force you
  13. I'm pretty sure that my assessment of that situation is correct in that the signs are digs at the bigger developers games. Gran Turismo Need for Speed and Forza as the developers for those games are Japan, US and US, and Simbin is a Swedish Company, so my guess is that they are taking veiled swipes at them.
  14. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I think the possiblilities for modding will deffinately be there, they are going to offer DLC and would want their development times to be as low as possible. Since they have built the engine, assuming its Lizard, from the ground up and are looking to offer it up as a licensed engine for other developers to use for all types of game which suggests it will be a very modular system to aid that.

    Exactly, The existing owners are key to it. Keeping their interest in a title ensures future sales of future titles. Think about RD, There is a hardcore of members that race the title, of course amongst other games, but just look at the schedules, its Race07 for the most part. A key part of running all those events and keeping them interesting is the possibility of new combinations of car and track, new challenges etc, if that wasn't the case then all that server time would inevetibly end up being spent on other titles like rF that can provide that.

    People come here from all types of sims, on all platforms and when they like it they buy the other titles so they can take part in more events. If we raced 5 days a week on rF instead of Race07 which one would people be more likely to buy.

    I wasn't suggesting it will produce mass sales for a long time into the future offering modding, but generally in bussiness all income streams that produce profit are good to have, even if they are small, especially if they are consistent. Modding can help allow the sales rate to drop to a steady level after the initial surge.

    I wouldn't mind, licensing aside, something like the Xna Creators Club and community software schemeson Marketplace that Micro$oft run on the 360. If a set of minimum standards where drawn up and mods had to pass through a SimBin QA process (MS's is community driven) then people would be more inclined to be willing to pay a small amount for a mod, 2-3 Euros maybe. That would provide a revenue stream to SimBin alongside their own DLC, and if a slice of the money returned to the modders it would promote better quality mods and support future modding.

    Some articles recently have suggested that EA are considering offering the modding functionality of Bad Company 2 at a future time for a fee. Most probably a level builder and physics editor etc. For a fee, now if that means another package around the price of of a game, even the price of a new console game, I think it would be an acceptable price to pay and there will be many takers I'm sure. Simbin could offer the same, A complete set of tools. no monkey bussiness now part tools, just what you need all in. Im sure ther'd be a lot of takers, more than will ever release anything.

    I'd buy it just to play with, a sim racers Garry's Mod if you will.
  15. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

  16. I'm mainly into single seater racing and I'm very curious what simbin will come up with in terms of that. We see now that Iracing bought a license to develop the Williams 2009 F1 car. Rfactor 2 is doing it without a license: look-a-like f1 cars (no difference for me as skins will be available in no time). I hope Simbin will come up with something similar as well, perhaps through one of these DLC packs.

    Bottomline: this is good news for us simracers either way because it seems now that the 3 major sim-developers are going to take it up against each other for 2011. May the best product win, and that's up to us to decide :wink: , which means they're going to have to listen to us.
  17. Fantastic news, I hope this is built on their Lizard engine and will form the basis of all future sims from Simbin?
  18. Hahaaaaaaahh!
    Finally the long awaited announcement...
    Hope they soon come with some specific info

    Is it already sure it'll be the Lizard engine?
    (And is the picture above an actual ingame screenshot?)
  19. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    It was already two days on the frontpage of RD Tim :)
  20. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Brave statement in calling it GTR3 Bram :)