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Featured GTR 3 by SimBin Coming in 2018

Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. You have to read, pal!
    Article says that the sound engineer from R3E is going to be shared with SimBin but resources are tight and nothing else will be shared. So its all good :)

    Sounds hopefull - Weathersystem, Day & Night time change, comprehensive damage modedl. I really hope there is an rating system equally a Flag, Penalty and Safety Car rule coming.

    If so, than good night AC ;)
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  2. My body is ready, I hope they can keep their promises and deliver, might start thinking about putting 0 money on AC from now on.
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  3. Max Melamed

    Max Melamed
    Premium Member

    I can smell AC on the horizon xD
  4. Rodent

    Premium Member

    Sidenote: Feels so right seeing GTR 3 us with the main forums and not stuck like some sad reminder in the other racing games section. :)
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  5. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    If it stays true to the series then this title will be based around GT3. If they land a Blancpain license then a simulation of that series would be awesome and I'd certainly be a willing purchaser. In the screenshots they've used cars from the ADAC series.

    However, assuming they still hold the rights to the cars in the GTR2 title (Ferrari and Porsche aside) then with some mild tweaking we could have GT1 back on our screens again as well. Again it's a licensing problem. I would imagine in the original GTR2 title their licence was with the FIA and therefore they could feature every car on the grid.

    I don't mind the console side of things, that's where the extra money is at the moment. Ok the takings gap is less than it was before but if it's something they have to do to make sure the title is success (money wise) then I'm cool with that.

    I'm sure there will still be paid for DLC's. It's how they make their money now and how they support the game studio.

    GTR2 is still a great title and although it shows it's age compared to something like Project Cars (visually I'm talking here) it certainly keeps up with current titles on just about everything else. Weather, day/night transitions, AI, and the handling is still spot on as well. Just genuinely good fun.

    The models and tracks in R3E are at a pretty high standard already, if they ported them over to a more polished game engine they would look superb.

    I suppose my only slight worry is the Unreal engine. I'm not a game engine expert so excuse my ignorance but if it failed with KartKraft (we read about all sorts of physics problems with that title) will Simbin make it work for GTR3? Just food for thought.

    At the moment I'm certainly happy with the titles we can race on now but this is going to be something to look forward to.

    Meanwhile all this talk of GTR2 means I feel like a quick run in the GT1 Lambo ;)
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  6. You would be surprised i started playing GTR2 after playing forza for years and did not feel put off by the cars and when i moved to a wheel it felt even better so i think it will work
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  7. The pictures both show Spa...
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  8. Rodent

    Premium Member

    They're what, 3 months in? It's probably borrowed assets from Raceroom at this point.
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  9. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Every existing sim also caters towards casuals.
    Every existing sim has driving aids and allows us to lower AI speed.
    Every existing sim has cars to drive that casuals use to drive in racing games.
    Every existing sim allows the cars to be controlled with a controller (afaik)

    The only thing sims don't cover are:
    * a career mode
    * grinding to unlock cars
    * options to pimp your car with body kits and alike

    Of course it would also be possible to simply increase the grip factor in an arcade mode while keeping all other calculations under the hood the same as you'd want them in a hardcore sim.

    So i really don't see the problem in also releasing for consoles / the casual racing game crowd.
    It only becomes a problem when they are designing an arcade racer from start up but try to lurk simmers into buying / pre-purchasing / crowd funding by false advertising. But it's simbin we're talking about, so i doubt that's what they are going for.
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  10. Juergen

    Premium Member

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  11. eh , just another milikng title , buy season pass buy this dlc buy that dlc buy british pack buy halloween livery buy Christmas Paint Jobs Pack........................................................................................................... , hahahaha ,give me a break
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  12. Just hope whatever series license they get they put all the cars in it
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  13. oh I forgot , if you pre purchase you get day one dlc GTR1 cars pack hahahaha
  14. Helmut Skrdla

    Helmut Skrdla
    Premium Member

    I was really thrilled when GTR3 was first announced... then never happened... and became R3E.

    This time, they can have my hype once they deserve it... meanwhile AC scratches that itch pretty good (I don't have the patience for endurance races anyway).
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  15. Fingers crossed they can pull it off. I want them to as I loved gtr2. But it's got big boots to fill in terms of content.
  16. Yokoinkopp

    Richard Reckmann Premium Member

    So hardcore racers will benefit from a game that is also published on console? I doubt it. Just a selling point for me tho. I don´t want to race people with a controller thank you.
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  17. Thanks. Fingers crossed! :)
  18. Quite true. We all know how that went and lets be honest, it doesn't matter how good you are, your product cannot be all things to all men.
    It may be a bit early to speak of the finer details around physics etc. but Simbin\Sector3 have a substantial track record for creating sims that are fairly good. We also know that the graphics and sound should be epic but physics and hard core sim features such as triple screen support being in place is something we can root for. Unlike SMS and some of their promises that never made it into reality (given they also jumped on the "responsible for GTR2" bandwagon to boost credibility outside of the realm of their then EA masters, we all know the track record around their NFS Shift products.) Anyways best of luck to them to in perhaps getting it right second time round.
  19. Jempy

    Premium Member

    I've no doubt that the usual Simbin's sim quality .... will be at its best at most point of views for this new title. ;)
    GTR2 remains still used on my PC ( and I'm still fully painting for it ) .... but there's something I fear a bit about GTR3, that's..... the moddability of it or not.

    If Simbin is wishing to keep PC and console with an equal content .... I fear the possibility of modding might not be included.
    I personally hope ( as many of us I'm nearly sure ) modding will be possible and allowed.