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Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Bram, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The patch for GTR2 has been released. You can download it by clicking here: Patch
    Here is the change log:



    • Fixed performance hit in Changeable Weather

    • Fixed missing race groove in driving school

    • Fixed Car number missing from results export

    • Fixed inconsistency with "Pit Exit Arrow" UI option

    • Fixed inconsistency with "Mirrors" UI option - Mirrors are now ON ingame when UI shows ON

    • Fixed Custom Championship "European 360 Champions Cup" incorrect reference to "Dubai North"

    • Fixed Custom Championships with F575s that contained duplicate drivers

    • Improved car balance in custom Championship "Super Endurance Drivers Championship"

    • Improved statistics tracking in Player Profile

    • Allow manual pit control in Novice mode

    • Fixed bug where some cars would not visibly show repaired body damage after pitstops

    • Fixed bug where corner markers would no longer show after first car crossed the finish line

    • Fixed bug where track award video was shown when no track was awarded

    • Fixed bug where Wrong time indicator and position were displayed during some Driving lessons

    • Added option to skip award videos

    • Enabled "+auto" command line option on the dedicated server

    • Fixed bug where "Show All" drivers lobby option was not working on first entry to Lobby

    • Fixed bug where the Fuel and Tyre wear labels were inverted on the dedicated server

    • Fixed bug where "-1/16 players" was sometimes shown on the in-game server UI

    • Fixed bug where the Lobby lists would sometimes overflow the display areas

    • Fixed bug where Dedicated Server window not closeable by clicking the X

    • Fixed Localisation - "Game Name =" GDB values not translated in Dedi UI

    Track specific


    • Valencia

    - Corrected an issue where the Pole position was on the wrong side of the track

    - Fixed a bug where some terrain areas caused cars to flip

    - Fixed a bug where the tirewalls graphics were corrupted by headlights

    • Magny Cours

    - Fixed low-res textures on some boards

    - Fixed a bug where the track would cause a CTD on some hardware

    • Spa Francorchamps

    - Corrected a graphical issue on one of the curbs

    • Zhuhai

    - Start/Finish line fix

    Car specific


    • Murcielago

    - Corrected a graphical issue on the right rear wheelarch

    • Ferrari JMB 575

    - Fixed a bug where the steering wheel was not disabled when the option for visible steeringwheel is unchecked



    Added Simbin video at startup

    Updated Simbin logo in credits
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  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    [Mod] Some extra tracks

    If you want to download a track listed below? Just click on the name and the download will start immediately! After unzipping the folders read the readme first how to install it! If you have questions please post them in the Q&A section of GTR2. Have great fun with it!












    A1 RING







    * fictional tracks
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    [Mod] V8 Supercars

    Click to download the V8 supercar mod (sign up first)

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  4. Very cool.... 8)
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  5. COOL!!! But it would be better if it tracked your eyes instead of your head. cause when you look around the screen you dont usually move your head but you move your eyes.
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  6. Your absolutely right. Its really cool indeed but not that efficient when turning your head away....

    Or the sensitivity must be VERY HIGH.. little head movement big seeing movement.
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  7. GTR or GTR2 - which to buy first?

    Hi. I'm considering buying one of those games and I need advice. Which do you suggest to buy first? GTR2 is newer and cheaper in Poland (it costs about 7 Euro) than GTR1 (about 12 Euro), but I've heard that GTR2 is a little bit more "arcade" than first part. I can't afford to buy both games at the same time. I'm thinking about one of these, because I want to practice something more realistic than Toca RD2 (Race: WTCC isn't available in Poland yet and it will cost about 25 Euro).

    Is GTR2 really more arcade than the first part?
    What game will you buy first - GTR or GTR2?
    What about system requirements? Is AthlonXP 1700+, Radeon 9550 and 1GB DDR running XP SP2 enough for smooth play in this games?

    Thx for answers, Adam.
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  8. I have both games, and raced a lot also with the first part, and already with the second as well.

    I cant confirm, that GTR 2 is more arcade then the first one, i would say this is the best ever simulator game what i tried. So definetely my suggestion would be to buy the 2. It is not an inch easier to drive then the first, even has lot of improvements both in car physics and sound, graphics, etc....

    I think the PC requirements almost the same for the two games, both requiring quite a muscle machine to run smooth on high graphics.

    I would say as a min you would need:
    P4 3 Ghz proc
    128 mb video card
    1 Gb ram

    So your setup should be stron enough to handle it.

    I run it on 1600*1200 on high detail level with:
    P4 3.2 Ghz proc
    Gforec 6600 GT
    1 Gb memory

    Cheers: Neo

    p.s.: if you want a true euthentic driving experience turn off all the driving aids like ABS, TC and stability control. You will be slower a little bit, but the feeling you get instead is remarkable!
  9. That's what I want to hear :) Thx Neo for straighting things up! One explanation from a person who tried both games for a long time is enough for me (but maybe other users have different opinions - please post them!). For now it's 1:0 for GTR2.

    If there is need, I can overclock my graphics card a bit (gaining 30-50% performance), but I worry about processor - don't know if this old Athlon will calculate so much psychics...
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    its a great option cut very useless i think, whey you turn your head the screen wont turn so you can see anything, have to keep eyes on it :twisted:
  11. dont think it will feel natural because the screen is still in a static position so you have to fix your eyes on the screen and move your head.

    So your looking at the wall or something and the game turns the virtual head but your not looking at the screen anymore because you had to look away for it to turn :? .

    lol, Stig said it before me :roll:
  12. wel i dont see any use in buying GTR1 now.. mainly since all the cars and tracks of GTr1 are also in GTr2 ..
    GTR2 has better graphics.. and more cars/livery's
    more tracks / layouts
    and its probaly played online more then GTR1 is right now :wink:
  13. exactly, although GTR was as great as GTR2 i don't really see the point of buying the first game.
  14. Oke oke oke..

    Got the solution to this problem..

    Put the sticker on your tongue...
    when moving it your screen will go left en right up and down.

    When you don’t want to move 'CLOSE YOUR MOUTH' :lol
  15. :D :D hahah

    its seems great but its expensive
  16. Good idea but I would imagine it could be difficult to get used to. I don't think it would be worth spending money on.
  17. Hi, I've been playing on a laptop set up for GTR 2. This is my first pc racing game since 6 years ago. Getting back into it. I would just like to say that playing GTR 2 on my laptop which is a....

    P4 3.2Ghz Prescott
    2Gig Ram
    Ati mobility 9800 256mb

    With this i can pretty much crank the game to max, and that would seem obvious to you since my specs are over that of the recommended, but you wrong, since the graphics card is a mobility card, that is half the Graphics clock speed and half the memory speed of a full deck pc ATI 9800 graphics card. So my speaks meat the middle between min and recomended and i can crank to full. With you speak you will meet over the min with no problem, and even if your at the min, you can play with graphics half of the full graphics settings.

    Secondly, DO NOT BUY GTR1. As the others pointed out, all tracks and cars in GTR1 are in 2. But not only this, if you are wondering that there is going to be smooth game play with GTR1 than at full graphics with GTR2, well just get GTR2 with lower graphics, because it will almost 110% be the same graphics at a lower setting as you get with GTR1 but still being smooth :D............... Perfecto!
  18. I have to get one of those!!!!!
  19. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    the moving head option is already added in GTR2... you can alter a setting so that your head is moving towards the apex.
  20. if i can find the game some where for 20€ i'll buy gtr2 there are some great mods for that game