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GTL with Windows 7

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Tom Wilson, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Guess what?

    After months and months of fine tuning their brand spanking new OS to make it uber compatible with every known application on earth, Microsoft have gone and ballsed it all up again.

    GTL will not install in windows 7, at all.

    Setup runs fine, then when i go to reboot, 7 fails to load and it goes into auto repair mode which does a system restore to undo the installation.

    I have read up and it seems this is an issue with starforce drivers not being compatible, i've tried removing them and updating them but it jsut says that there are no drivers installed.

    Is anyone else running GTL on 7, or do they know of a solution to this issue? Just under a week until RDHGP kicks off, either starforce or MS better get writing some patches!!!!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. You tried the Vista patches for Starforce?

    I'm pretty sure many here play GTL on 7, Tusto does for one.
  3. I think those using Windows 7 are running GTL with a dual boot system to an older Windows.

    However, I just read yesterday, that there is a way around the Win 7 starforce issue by using some form of No DVD patch. Check the No Grip Forum under GTL.


    The thread I saw was this one, but I can't comment because I don't run Win 7.

  4. I perused the thread Warren provided and here's a good quote:

    Or as Warren says you can install XP on a different partition and use dual boot.

    And try not to diss Microsoft too much, it's StarForce's/Atari's fault :D
  5. Great, that worked perfectly, thank you very much.

    Only slight hitch, one of the patches has managed to set the language to German, should be interesting getting that sorted.

    Anyway, thanks again guys. I've very very pleased.
  6. This is annoying, autorunning the CD and selecting english makes no difference and i can't see a way in the game to change the display language.

    Has anyone got any advice?

    If not, maybe some screenshots of the menu's so I can at least set the graphics up etc.

  7. Lol, I'll have a look at the files in the download

    EDIT: I would do but or some bizarre reason the GTL_Light file won't download! Have a look in that archive again Tom and see if there's a text file you can alter.
  9. Tom, if it doesn't work there is a way to get it back, once you have installed GTL + the 1.1 patch but before you stick GTL light\2008 on, copy the UiData folder from your fresh install of GTL somewhere safe then install the GTL light delete the UiData and then move your orig. UiData folder back in and heypresto, English is back.

  10. Nice one, i'll give that a go if i get stuck.

    I'm jsut concerned that when i reboot windows will crash again and jsut do a system restore......

    If starforce was the reason for this, will deleting the files sort it?

  12. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Tom,what is GTL 2008 an what does it do ?

    btw is everything working now? I follow all the treats involving Windows 7 ,I will upgrade ,bud I am afraid with the league to start, running in to problems so I think I will wait until the league is finish.

    About starforce,after removing everything ,will that mean you don't have to start GTL with the disc in your drive?

  13. GTL2008 is basically a nodvd crack, it's quite a highly guarded secret based on other posts i've read but you can find it if you look. Nogrip is a good place to start though.

    I think everything works, only problem i noticed is that online games give an error message about then server using a modified version of the game, I haven't tried to connect to the RD server yet but i'm slightly worried about that.

    My advice would be don't upgrade until the compatibility issues are properly resolved, what I did is not recommended unless your stuck on Win 7 like i am.

    GTL2008 removes starforce componants so you don't need the disk, I still had remove starforce manually though as Windows reads it as an unsigned driver and doesn't like it.
  14. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Thanks Tom for the explanation, I think I stay on XP for now.
    After the league I will see.
  15. Try an RD server ASAP Tom.

    I with you Mr Sneep, I will be waiting till at least the Christmas break to move to 7.
  16. I will be trying the RD server when it is up, don't know what i'm going to do if it doesn't work....

    I'll be keeping track of the compatibility and I'll shout when an update is released that sorts all this out, because Windows 7 really is good - it's just a pain that i hit this snag.
  17. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    Or, a good old fashioned crack works fine. As I bought the game, I have no problem using a crack at all.
    Now all I need to do is get a night clear I can race with you reprobates :)
  18. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Its a delicate matter on this one.

    GTL uses an old StarForce system which was last updated in the Vista era by the Starforce company. Since that old Starforce is not compatible with Win 7 and they clearly stated the software devs should provide an update, the ball is in the hands of 10tacle as the publisher of GTL.

    Since those guys are not amongst us anymore, we are stuck with Vista as highest level of Windows legally able to run with GTL.

    If you want Win 7, the only current solution is indeed to apply the cracked version which ignores protections and therefor runs fine.

    So waiting for a solution will probably take forever. SimBin is not responsible for GTL, 10tacle is and do not exist.
    Another good example of copy protection which kills the market for a game.
  19. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    The Laguna server is up now, Tom, so try it out.