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GTL with windows 7 ?

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Richard Welsh, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hi I hope someone can help me I,ve recently installed windows 7 and then GTLegends but cant start the game .On clicking on the game icon I get the Protection system thingy saying the game is successfully installed please re-start your computer. When I re-start I get the same message and keep going round in circles.I,ve downloded the windows starforce patch which tells me my computer is up to date,and finally my in game starforce patch is version,can anyone shine a light on this???:confused:
  2. Remove the Starforce drivers. There's a huge thread with practically the same name already.
  3. Hi Senad thnx for reply.
    I,ve moved the starforce patches as there are 2? and now get cannot start as SFP.DLL is missing. Am I doin the correct thing?
  4. I used this:
    first, save your current UIDATA somewhere else....
    then download this file http://petrolmania.co.uk/files/gtl.7z
    now put everything from the ZIP file to your GTL install dir folder, overwrite everything and use DECOMPRESS.BAT file
    wait until done
    then try if the game is running, if so, get back your saved UIDATA and rewrite those in GTL folder
    this should work even with StarForce installed (I did it so)
  5. Thnx mate I,ll get onto it now.
  6. Thanks Ondrej.
    I now have it sorted .I,m off to bed.