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GTL noob

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Gary Lennon, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys

    As of this afternoon i became a new GTL player,all installed fine and setup for online,but i dont know about patches/updates for this game,and also any good sources for those updates,just now im on standard install version with no updates done,and all the content being locked is a bit of a bummer too,surely there is an unlock crack?.

    Thank You
  2. Welcome to the world of GTL Gary, I think you will love it.

    Some useful links for your questions:

    Unlock the cars: (very simple and essential)

    Update patch:

    Important tips about pitstops:

    The best place for downloads (mainly tracks) is No Grip:
    NoGrip :: Home

    Watch out for problems if trying to use addon skins on-line. All racers must have the skin installed or people will not be able to join. We always use default skins for RD Events, or if we do use skins we will supply a skin pack for everyone to download.

    You may occasionally come across a bug with your controller not responding when you start the game. It happens occasionally with the G25 for me. Don't panic, it's easily corrected. While in-game, just go to the Options menu, Controllers, and the Forceeedback screen. Then just untick the Reverse effects button, tick it again, and all is well again.
    I think you can correct this by changing and resetting any FFB setting, but this is what I do.

    If you are using a G25, I have a good profile for GTL which works nicely for me. let me know.

    Feel free to ask more questions. Have fun taming some of these beasts, some are rather tricky.
  3. Many Thanks Warren m8 :thumb:

    Plenty to get on with there for starters,cant wait for my first online race with you lot old school style :).
    No G25 here yet,still struggling away with me old Saitek R220 non ffb.
  4. AS soon as you unlock the cars, try taking the Shelby Cobra for a spin (or 6 :evil:)
    If you can drive that car fast and consistently, you can drive anything.

    Pity you don't have FFB, it is brilliant in GTL and really helps to feel what the car is doing (or about to do to you, looool)
    The great thing about this game is that every car has it's own handling and driving model, and mastering them is half the fun.
  5. Probs with account

    Can anyone get access to the Account section on the GT-Legends-Homepage? It's not displayed for me.

    My Prob: 1st time I wanted to create an account for on line racing, i clicked on 'Log in' with my name and the desired pw. Realising that there is another button for creating accounts i clicke it, filled in the desired pw & mail address, clicke on ok - and while awaiting the confirmation I see in the halve visible screen that the provided Name has some extra letters i didn't type :( Before I could read them fully screen changes, account was created and I can't remeber theese extra letters and so I can't log in now.

    Support didn't answer my mail until now (3 days) and I can't access the Account-page on GTL-HP.

    Any ideas?

    Who's the really noob now? ;)
  6. That sounds like a rough deal there Jens,sounds like the kind of fluke random problems i thought were exclusive to me,but i had no trouble getting registered and logged in,hope you get it fixed up soon.
    Now...i got the unlock everything file and it contains 1 file called TG2001.DYN,currently searching where to put this,no readme in with it...

    Edit: read the notes where i downloaded...doh,off to remake my profile now and try that Cobra
  7. Jens, that seems like a more difficult problem, but I'm sure there will be a way to resolve it.
    Try asking at RSC, they are pretty experienced with GTL. I'll ask at SimJunkies for you since they are also heavily into GTL.
  8. Pheew!! :evil:

    Boy meets GTL Cobra,boy drives GTL Cobra,boy falls in love with GTL Cobra :becky:.
    I just sort of instantly "clicked" with the thing and we quickly became good freinds,didnt touch a thing in the setup and had a blast with the Ai at Doni GP,now even more keen for an RD event!! :thumb:.
  9. I can't access the Account section at GTL site either.

    I had a quick search at RSC and found this, maybe it is as simple as that. Worth a try.

    can't login multiplayer - RaceSimCentral Forums
  10. Jens,
    A suggestion from SimJunkies, if you only need to find your on-line username and password, open up your .plr file with notepad (the file is located under

    Under the [Multiplayer Options] section at the bottom is your On-Line name and password.
  11. Hey Jens,

    I'm assuming you are talking about the account creation for Multiplayer? If so then the solution is a simple one.

    Just fire up GT-Legends. Go to multiplayer, and when you go to the login screen, there is a register button. Click register, and create a new User and password.


    Good luck
  12. Warren could you upload your g25 profile please so i could have a try
  13. Ben, my FFB profile for GTL is attached. Just overwrite that section of your .plr file.

    Attached Files:

  14. ill create a new profile and try it. Thanks
  15. Hey, thx everyone for your help!

    Damn, why didn't I get the idea to created a new account with the correct name, its so simple :becky:. Thought one key is bound to only one account.

    Think that prooves who's the real noob :becky:
  16. Thanks for starting this thread! I decided to join the fun and wouldn't have been able to get online without it. My first time in GTL...:)

    I have a question though...
    Are you guys using your real name as your profile name? I don't worry about RD, but don't know who else can see me when online in GTL.

    Also, is there a test server up? I didn't see one and wanted to shake out any bugs, connection/configuration issues, etc...
  17. Some do, some don't. I use my real name in most games, but then I usually only race at RaceDepartment or SimJunkies.

    Just go with whatever you are comfy with.

    Great to see you with us in GTL, you should really enjoy it.
  18. More multi-player account issues... What else from a noob squared?:)

    Is there some way to reset the multi-player account password or delete the account that I registered on the server? I can't login using my original account/password.

    And, is it the GTL player name(plr) that is displayed when playing on-line or is it the multi-player account name registered?

    My problems started after I used the unlock procedure, then deleted and recreated my original GTL player name. After that I wasn't able to login to multi-player with my original account. I created a new mp account and it works ok, but I can't login to my original account.
  19. To reset the multiplayer account, this should work.

    When playing on-line, it is the name used in the .plr file. Same as Race 07 and rF, GTR2 etc.

    You shouldn't have to do that to unlock everything??