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Released [GTL - GTR2 - GTR EVO] R1-Circuit 1.0 for the three games released

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by rainer61, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Hello all!

    This is the R1-Circuit for GT Legends, GTR2 and GTR EVO.
    I have already uploaded the GTR2-Version here and now I provide the three of them at my
    new little homepage
    It's a fantasy track and the location is somewhere in the green
    outskirts of a bigger city. I hope that the track can give you a good race.
    The track is still missing some rainrefelctions and shadow objects and you get black spots on the
    tarmac at some areas when you drive with headlights on in the dark.
    But I am happy with the results and I have to say thanks to many people.

    This Track was built with "Bobs Track Builder" by Brendon Pywell.
    Thanks to him for this great software.

    I used textures and objects from the following sources:

    Games, some textures modified by me.
    Thanks to Simbin
    GTR2 by Simbin
    GTL by Simbin
    Race07 by Simbin

    Xpacks from racedepartment.com or BTB's homepage
    Thank you all!
    "Default" BTB
    "1024 Road Dark" by ennisfargis
    "Ennis_Objects_01" by ennisfargis
    "rulers" by ennisfargis
    "N_L_Pack" by Nuno Lourenco
    "Smes Pack" by CidJc
    "advertbridges" by carTOON
    "startpole_polesigns" by carTOON
    "tvcrews" by carTOON
    "marshallSTUFF" by carTOON
    "Basic_City_XPACK_01" by Dosgraphix
    "Crowds" by R Soul
    "Chainfence" by R Soul
    "Cars for Scale" R Soul
    "Treelines" by R Soul
    "Longford 67 Houses" by Hompe, Woochoo, Gustaf Reutersward
    "tvguy" by elgh33
    "RFactor Grandstands" by Banger
    "Trackside_Objects" by several
    "Tree Collection" by Bob Pritchard
    "Vegetation" by Kytt
    "Industrial Buildings" by Mauro Torena
    "Default with startlights for EVO" by CreamK
    "Racetrucks" by KieferDJW feat. SimBim Racetrucks
    "Great_Briain_RBR" by jay_p_666
    "Pits and Barriers" by CreamK

    Additional programms, thanks!
    AIW Repair-utility 1.0 by petrs73 and dhaman
    Autosim Circuit Layout Generator 1.33 by Alex Zhdankin

    Additional textures, thanks!

    The cars shown on the loading-screen of the GTL-Version are the Porsche 935 by Team21 & Friends
    and the Porsche 917 by RMi Release Group.

    While testing the GTL-Version I realised that some add-on ai-cars did not leave the pits during
    training and qualifying. Trying to find a solution on the www. I found some
    forum posts on nogrip.com (thanks) where one can read that this can happen
    because of two reasons. First because of the torque values in the engine file
    of some add-on cars and secondly because of the pits design.
    So I have tried to clear this up trackwise. Compared to my GTR 2- and my
    Evo-version you'll find the whole pit-area narrowed, the pitroad runs slightly
    downhill now and the garage building is out of use. At least I could reduce the
    number of add-on cars that does not leave the pits, but some cars still don't
    move. Once racing, it's ok.

    Many thanks to the community for giving a good read and lots of information.

    Have fun!


    Pictures and download:

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  2. I left you a thank you on your we page, but I will state again, this is the most fun track I have raced on since A1-2002. The elevation changes and curves make this a most challenging and fun track, because when you get it right you know you worked for it. Thats all you can ask of a track. Besides its beauty. Good job dude great Job.
  3. Thank you very much for your kind words!
  4. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Good track! lots of fun. I have it for all three titles, Thank You.
  5. Hi Kennett, I uploaded the missed xpacks. Hope it went ok. I still have one pack that is much too big to upload (187 MB). Maybe I can split it, but I think not this weekend. Splitting would mean, one have to unzip the downloads, put the parts together and zip them all together. Regards and nice WE
  6. Thank, i noticed that my Dropbox was flashing and there are nice package, largest update in ages.. We are very greatful! :)
  7. Hi, I was looking for the remaining big xpack on my HD. I only found a version, that I changend in someway. So I guess I should not upload this. Its name is NL Pack and you can find it with google. It is still on the web.

  8. OOPS. Sorry, all I could find where megauload-links. Maybe someone is more lucky or reading this and remembers having the pack on his own hd.
  9. Gday rainer61,
    I think I have what you want & just uploaded it.
    In fact, I've got NL_Pack & NL_HQ_Trees & Ground cover.
    Your lucky, I just spent the day searching 1.5Tb of PC as I knew I had it but it wasn't in BTB!


    N_L_HQ trees & ground cover: http://filecloud.io/mpo1iw0l
  10. Thanks a million, Lee. Yes this is it.
  11. Ooh, I registered but it says, I need a premium (payed) account to download these files.
  12. Ahhh...BUGGER!
    It used to be a free one...
    If anyone knows of another one as Mediafire just won't accept files of that size:(:mad:
  13. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    A very nice track, thanks :notworthy::D
  14. Still trying to upload those Xpacks for you, will send a link when Ive managed it.
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  15. I use DropBox, it's pretty handy. You don't need to use the sync feature but you need to install the software. I use one in my gamerig, i just launch the software when i need to transfer files and close it afterwards. dropitto.me has 70 meg limit, DropBox has no size limits (free account has 2gigs of space, so basically that's 2gig filesize limit...), you get a link in your clipboard straight from explorer.. I like their service and it's perfect for trackbuilders.

    If you're gonna sign up, please send me pm, i'll give you a referral link, each new user brings me 250megs more space, up to 11gigs.. That's is not the reason i recommend it, i would even without referral bonus since the service works really nice. Downside is the mandatory software that needs to be installed at least once to any one machine (that PC has your copy of the storage...) After that you can choose: use the software and thus sync your computer (only useful if you send stuff out daily, stuff like zips, pictures for forums etc. and have good speed internet without caps) or not use the software up/downloading via website.. If you choose the latter, you need to install and launch the software once then remove it from msconfig to stop it starting after boot (Run -> msconfig, . Or just uninstall it if you're sure you don't need it.

    I don't like to have unnecessary stuff running but DropBox is one of the few. Only once caused problems, forgot to turn it off while gaming and sync started to update shared folder with unpacked track files.. It is tantalizingly integrated to windows, sharing a screencap or any small file in forums is just too easy...
    We used DropBox with ebrich, it's really handy: keeping one fileset shared and updated at all times. Too bad we lost the sync in the middle (my bad, i turned that XPack update system on and had to switch my personal DropBox to other computer.. and forgot to refresh shares/syncs...)

    If we all would have DropBox, there would be no need for my XPack archive, we could all share and modify the collection... 2 gig limit is of course tough but with good referral system, we could get a nice 5 gig XPack shared archive.

    edit: Just noticed, the free space max is raised to 16gb and referral bonus to 500megs..
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  16. I tried the Dropbox before but couldn't get it to work for me plus I didn't like how it was going through my PC...
    Then again I AM a bit thick when it comes to PC's, after all I only got my first one in '07! LoL
    Anyway, I managed to get those Xpacks loaded to Crocofiles, I don't know what the restrictions on downloading them again on another PC....
    Here's the links anyway;http://www.crocko.com/D178B1A0EAF943818CE4BF0A80C4FA31/N_L_pack.zip
    It's such a shame ifile.it has been taken over as it was free with a 2Gb limit, then again it would be so much easier if RD could get it's download page back up & running.
    It's getting close to anniversary time with that, maybe it'll be a present after a 12month wait ;-) LoL
    Let me know if thats of any help to you this time or another fail
    Best of luck