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[GTL] GTC-TC-76 @ Hockenheim GP 11th April 2008

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Warren Dawes, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Lets keep the GTL fun going and see if anyone can challenge Kari's supremacy. Since we are all mostly still learning about this fabulous game, lets stick with the theme of default cars and tracks. This time we step up to the next class and try out the GTC-TC-76 beasts.

    Date: Friday 11th April 2008

    Track: Hockenheim GP (default)

    Laps: 35 laps

    Cars: GTC-TC-76 Class
    Note: Default skins only.

    Server: RaceDepartment

    Password: homesweethome

    Schedule (GMT time)
    19.00 GMT Practice
    19.30 GMT Qualifying
    20.00 GMT Race

    Please Note: This is one hour earlier than the last GTL race at Monza, since some people were unhappy with the start time.

    Server settings
    Dry weather


    1 Hansje - Porsche (that orange one :p)
    2 Roy Stevens
    3 Heppu
    4 Warren Dawes - Porsche 911 or Pantera??
    5 Lux770
    6 Mark A Warmington
    7 Theo de Bruin - Porsche 906
    8 Jesper
    9 Andy Marsden
    10 Nevermind - Pantera
    11 Yoeri Gijsen - Porsche 906
    12 Wee_Eck - Porsche 911
    13 ezpi
    14 Peter Gog - Porsche 911
    15 Dubbe - BMW

    Reserved drivers

  2. I am in, and first :party0009:

    Hope I will be finishing first in this race too :mech:

    Hans :D
  3. Sign me up plzz..:thumb:
  4. And here we go again..Yup, im in:Joystick:
  5. I'm in of course, really enjoying GTL more and more. :)

    Which car is less likely to blow it's engine Kari, and still be reasonably competitive too?
  6. can you put me in as tentative?
  7. :jumping::jumping::jumping:

    That means - sign me up!!!
  8. Oh yes! I am in. Now I gotta pick a nice car...
  9. This should be some fun driving in this one. I'm very interested in people's car choices.
    I've had a quick squirt in a few of them now and finding them great to drive (well mostly), but most surprisingly I am getting similar times despite the fact that each one seems to handle totally differently. None of the times are much good, but just so similar.
    It looks to me as though this race could be pretty close as far as the cars are concerned.

    So far (very little testing though) my times with the Pantera, Capri, BMW, Porsche 911, are all within a second of each other. I did manage a quicker time in the Corvette but don't think there is any chance I would try to risk that monster in a 35 lap race, lol.
    I'm leaning towards the Pantera, only because it looks and sounds awesome, however that Capri goes like a cut snake, I just can't seem to get the hang of it's handling (understeering badly).

    Must say, I'm having a ball just trying them all out. The driving model in GTL is fantastic.

    What's everyone else thinking of driving?

    EDIT: Just managed a similar time in the Escort, how on earth do I choose. Think I'll just continue the fun by practicing in all of them. :jumping:
  10. Sign me up!
    gtc 76 cars all the way:sign0154:
  11. Could I sign up provisionally as I have ordered GTL and got confirmation of it being posted, just hope it arrives by Friday I will be there :)

  12. I only succeed to blow engine from pantera and escort as pantera you can set your rev limit and escort engine will blow due the engine braking if over rev it.

    Hmm... My car choise? Capri is my favorite no doubt, but i also thinking pantera. I have only one pantera race under my belt, so maybe this is second one:). They never allowed it in altbierbude, because it's like GT40 in 65:( Anyway i can't decide yet as i'm working long days on this week. If i get some practise time, then ill take the pantera and that should be fun:thumb:
  13. I'm in :) Guess it's time to get the dust off my Pantera :party0020:
  14. It'll propably be Pantera or Porsche for me. I need to test some more out. Maybe we can have a CROW day doing some races on various circuits to test some out?
    I know I have a hard time driving most of these cars! LOL!

    EDIT: Did some testing and I feel most comfortable with the Porsche 906. Best time so far is 1:58.9... so need some more practice...
  15. I've posted a thread for setups in the GTL forum here!
  16. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    I'm in!!

    My suggestion would be to remove the DiTomasso Pantera from the carlist, because it dominates this class, I think (or make sure Kari doesn't drive it :D).

    I'm prolly going to go for the Porsche 906, but I might a consider different car.
  17. Well I can assure you that the Pantera won't dominate with me behind the wheel :ambulance: , but I'd like to try it just for the fun and challenge of keeping it on track.
    Maybe Kari is prepared to go for something else just to give himself a challenge, rather than lapping the rest of us. :D
  18. Maybe ill take 914!? Nah, i chose from these: escort, pantera, 906, 911, capri. For me it's guite hand full job to keep pantera or 911 on track.

    In last race Yoeri was faster than me at the begining of the race and did only two mistakes (one spin and pit). And if ezpi is join into race, also he will be extrem fast with capri:alla: Not to mention what Jesper can do:thumb: All this and more, and we should get very thigh race, despite what car ill take. So there is no worry about one man dominant... I hope.
  19. Did you Warren do any fuel saving test? Is it possible drive 906 with out pit?
  20. I haven't tried the 906 for fuel but:

    I have reduced my car choice to either Pantera or Porsche 911 with the preference for the 911 because I can control it better over a longer distance.
    I tested the 911 over 35 laps and it made it with lots to spare and even the Pantera looked like it would make the distance comfortably (I didn't manage 35 laps without smashing it into a wall :eek: :brancard: :ambulance: ).

    So, I would say most of the cars will not need a fuel pitstop for this one.
    Tyres or damage should be the only reason to pit (or Stop n Go penalty :) ).
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