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[GTL] Abarth's @ Monaco 79 - 19th April 2008

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Warren Dawes, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Time for another GTL night. This time we go to the other end of the horsepower range, the delightful little Abarth's. However, the challenge will still be there because the track will be Monaco 79.
    Please note that all participants will need to download the track and the stand alone car pack for this event.

    Date: Saturday 19th April 2008

    Track: Monaco 79 (addon track)

    Laps: 30 laps (One pitstop is compulsory).

    Cars: Abarth

    NOTE: The car pack must be installed.
    The car pack provides an additional 5 skins to make it more interesting.

    Track Download: You will need the Monaco 79 V 1.21 which can be downloaded from here:

    Altbierbude - Dein freundlicher GTL-Server

    You will need to register to get the file but is free and easy.

    Car Pack: You must download and install this carpack:

    RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting

    Server: RaceDepartment

    Password: click here

    Schedule (GMT time)

    19.00 GMT Practice
    19.30 GMT Qualifying
    20.00 GMT Race

    Server settings
    Dry weather

    PLEASE NOTE: If you don't install the car pack and track, you will not be able to enter the server.


    1 Gaynall Hudgins
    2 Heppu
    3 Hans Sneep
    4 Simon Bacon
    5 Chris Vick
    6 Ezpi
    7 Luc Frachon
    8 hansje

    Reserved drivers

  2. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    Nice initiative, hehe. Unfortunately I'm not around. :(
  3. Oh NO! Saturday is the only day, which is not good for me. :(
  4. Sign me up, please. Thanx for the car pack.:jumping:

    When's Bathurst?:D I know because of the walls it's kinda buggy, but maybe if you give people enough time to practice won't be so bad! Ran it in a league and we didn't have too much trouble. One of the couple that went off even managed to get back on track when I watched the replay!
  5. Don't worry it will come. How could an Aussie not organise a race at Bathurst.
    I have a special event in mind for that track (a reproduction of 1966 history, hint hint :D ), but it must wait until I know I am available for it. I won't miss it under any circumstances.

    I am very doubtful to make this Monaco event as I am on standby to head into the Aussie outback for the impending birth of a granchild.
  6. Can't wait to get tame this beauty:jumping:
  7. SWEET!:thumb:
  8. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Hello Warren,

    The main reason to sign up is for GTL, but I never dit online racing until now(I hope) I bought GTL in Jan. and workt my way through the Callenge manly as a novice, I am now at the end in the night-race's.
    I have hope that GPL start in the FD serie"s, so I can make myself custom with online racing.
    But I hope that you will allow me here? If yes,what do I need? Teamspeak ? how to?
    O ,I forget to say that I dit race in GPL from 2005 but never online.
    I dit a few laps on Monaco with the Abarth, fastest lap 2.04.904 now idea if its fast?

    With kind regards,Hans
  9. Please join in the fun Hans. Actually most of us are still learning about GTL so you should fit in nicely. It's just fun racing, we don't get serious.
    I've added you to the entry list.
    You don't have to have TeamSpeak, but it is there and available for those who want to use it.
    You will have to use the Professional driving level though, but we allow auto gearbox and auto clutch if you want.
    Don't forget to install the Track and the Carpack shown in the sign up post.

    Just join in and start racing, it's the only real way to learn anyway. :thumb:
  10. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Thanks Warren, I have the carpack and the Track, and just dit a 2.02.322

    May I applay for car 77 its from a Dutch driver?

    Thanks ,Hans
  11. Any car from the list (default plus car pack) is free for anyone to choose. :thumb:

    EDIT: That time looks pretty good to me. I just tried a quick test on the server and my best was 1.59.8, not that I know how to drive the Abarth. :smurf:[
  12. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

    Sign me up please, I finish night shifts Saturday morning so this will be a perfect start to a week off.:thumb:
  13. Warren,

    Please sign me up. I will try to stay pointed in the correct direction this time.:)

  14. Aaaaah no! Love the Abarth, but can't make it this saturday unfortunately! Hope you all have fun!
  15. im in
  16. Ok i'll try to join the fun!
    Funny, in all the time I've had that game, I never actually raced the Abarth...
  17. I am in...hope I can make it :thumb:

    Hans :alla:
  18. All participants please note:

    The passsword for all Racing Club Events, including this GTL Event, have changed.
    Please refer to the top post.
  19. Looks like I can't make it...sorry guys :Sad:

    If I am not there you know whats going on, back in time I will join ofcourse ;)

    Have fun !!!!

  20. Hey,
    Might not be able to make it either. If I can I will (provided there are slots available) but don't count on me.
    Sorry and good race all
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