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GT6 race league for all skill levels

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Woody-_985, Jul 13, 2014.

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  1. If you've been looking for a league on gt6 i am creating one with minimum performance restrictions and driver aids will be allowed.
    All racingtypes will be organised and all tracks will be used, i would also be open to any suggestions from participants when i have enough people to make a season. i will be able to host races at any time really so if you're interested ill need notification of what days and times are roughly good for you and then ill be able to make a good all round time for all participants to try and get full race lobbies for a good few hours at a time.

    To gain entry just add my psn to message me for now and eventually i should have enough racers to post information about upcoming races ill be hosting and you can post any ideas on this tread, but untill then i will just be hosting anything thats good on tarmac.

    PSN: PiderBubb

    i look forward to your feedback in the meantime.
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  2. Add me. I am fairly new on GT6 so need an easy way into racing. Tend to struggle with the more powerful and twitchy cars as I use a controller and flicksteer so I am far from smooth. When I get good I may try the professional league!! Have tried the cars and their setups but I am well off the pace.

    Prefer shorter races, maybe 20 to 30 mins each, as anything else becomes a chore especially if I am at the back on my own ......
  3. great, if you will add my psn it is: PiderBubb, and we can start getting the league on track. but if everyone decides not to bother it won't be happening, as the are over 50 views now but still nobody has bothered to add me, i've got votes on what days are good for people but thats pointless if people aren't going to add me to join up. so please add me if you're interested otherwise don't waste my voting space.
  4. I'm in.
  5. you're not in untill you add me i'm afraid, try reading everything first
  6. I know :) I hope you don't mind waiting a couple of hours :D
  7. ok no problem mate
  8. ill add you late on bud.. see you there
  9. cool cool
  10. ill add you
  11. Mypsn name is m-corkey1991 addd me. What race ormeetings will it be you will be hosting as im looking to make one my self for the btcc so if you want any help with your races I am willing to help.
  12. I will be hosting a pre season lobby this coming weekend on Saturday 8pm I will also send you all a message on psn so you can let me know if it's a good time for you all.
  13. Sorry to have missed this. I was on my hols.
  14. It was cancelled..
  15. Ok. Thanks William.
  16. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    Why was this cancelled? Not enough interest
  17. I think something came up for him, I don't know tbh