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GT5 Time Trials Archive

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Ross Garland, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. I'll be posting a (bad)time once I get some practice in (and need to get registered).
    Shame about the time trials ending - is there a way forward by always using fully tuned cars?
  2. Fun cars! the Mclaren does it for me, lovely balance, no understeer.
    No Tweaks either - must learn how to tweak :confused:
    McLaren Lap: 2:01.686
    Ferrari Lap: 2:05.561
    Total Time: 4:07.247
  3. Just three people interested in this? Where has everyone else gone? :confused:
  4. McLaren Lap: 2:02.025
    Ferrari Lap: 2:05.014
    Total Time: 4:07.039
    I gave it a quick go in the McLaren... just to get ahead of Gareth - barely. ;)
  5. practicing still . i jve 1 moreweek before event finishes right?
  6. I might take part. I would of taken part in the Mini one as I like the less powerful cars however it was closed early. I don't like driving these types of cars though.
  7. Same here, but with a blatant exploit available it just isn't viable to run TT's like that anymore.
  8. I will take part, I just need to get some practice, haven't had time for that yet. I have been busy with car dealers as I changed my (real) car to newer and bigger one :)
  9. Dragos Haba

    Dragos Haba
    Premium Member

    I still have no idea about this issue, but I suppose it doesn't matter, but I am still wondering about the TT with the GT40 there never was a replay for that...
  10. Been really crazy for me at the moment, but when I get a bit of time to sit down and drive I will be making an attempt :)
  11. Karl Warburton

    Karl Warburton
    GT5 TT Champion

    McLaren Lap: 1:55.831
    Ferrari Lap: 2:00.932
    Total Time: 3:56.763
  12. Karl Warburton

    Karl Warburton
    GT5 TT Champion


    McLaren Lap: 1:55.831
    Ferrari Lap: 1:58.121
    Total Time: 3:53.952
  13. Impressive times once again Karl :) . Out of interest, are you tweaking with the set-ups to optimise? I may have another bash to see if I can improve, I figure I should be able to get below the 2 mins in the Mclaren as I managd 1:59t without the grip reduction set to 'Real' (still a long way off yours). I look forward to seeing your replay (hopefully)!
  14. McLaren Lap: 1:57.552
    Ferrari Lap: 2:02.222
    Total Time: 3:59.774
  15. McLaren Lap: 1:57.275
    Ferrari Lap: 2:01.245
    Total Time: 3:58.520
  16. Finally legit improvements...
    McLaren Lap: 1:56.347
    Ferrari Lap: 2:01.579
    Total Time: 3:57.926
  17. One more improvement for Enzo.

    McLaren Lap: 1:56.347
    Ferrari Lap: 2:01.098
    Total Time: 3:57.445
  18. The TT is now closed. Very disappointing turn out for the grand finale. Karl and Gareth, please check your PMs and send me your replays before next Tuesday.
  19. Karl Warburton

    Karl Warburton
    GT5 TT Champion

    Hi Ross, replays already sent, let me know if you have them in your mail box, if not will resend to you. Thanks, hopefully these TT's will start back up in the near future. It's been a pleasure doing these.
  20. Get PD to fix the exploit they can't possibly not know about already, and it might be a possibility. Until then...
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