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GT5 Standards -> Premiums Upgrade

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Dazmaniac, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. It appears Kazunori san has given an interview in Japan and said that Polyphony are looking to upgrade standard cars to premium.

    At this early stage there is no details on how many of the standards will be upgraded or when, but surely this can only be a good thing, and also a sign that Polyphony do indeed see GT5 evolving in the future, since its release in November.

    Here's hoping.

  2. There are a few cars ingame that really need upgrading, a few of the more legendary cars, such as a few of the Group C Le Mans cars, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Contach.. to name but a few.
  3. This is a good news. i just hope that PD don't upgrade 20 skylines. PD spend 5 or 6 years making this game and came up with 200 high quality models and all 800 low quality i think Forza 3 took 2 years in the making and got 400 cars all with cockpit view and with good models too. they should have atleast have 500 cars with cockpit mode on that time frame. forgive me who am i to judge its just that i expected so much with this game. love it still
  4. I'm not quite sure what the intended standard -> premium upgrade involves. It may just be the actual car models that get a makeover, but we still get no interior cockpit view. Then again it may be the car model plus a cockpit view. We won't know until KY announces more details.

    I just wonder whether some of these cars have already been created and there just wasn't time or space on the DVD to get them out in time for the November release, so they are now going to introduce them in the form of patch updates.

    As long as KY/Polyphony continue to look to improve GT5 and make changes that the critics and the community are asking for in the coming months then it can't all be bad.

  5. I hope they wont be DLC with a price, because then I would feel kinda ripped off...

    But since Kaz described it as an artist that is never finished with his piece, I have good hopes that these are just part of regular updates :)
  6. Same here, I'd be ripped off and get mad if they would charge you money for GT5 DLC, but they won't. Isn't DLC content like where you can choose to download it or not, Like on COD, you can download new unique MP maps as extras to play, but you DON'T have to download them. I'm happy to hear though that the game is evolving since its release in november and I have this feeling it will evolve into one hell of a simulator. People have been saying the game is unpolished. I don't think that way but I feel like it sort of is, that is why im pleased to hear the developers are trying to enhance it, I hope they add extra le mans cars, do bug/glitch fixes, add other cars, if there is DLC you can pay for, it wouldn't work anyhow, think about the online play, someone with a new car imported from the DLC in the online lobby would probably conflict with the guy without it. If it is that way they will have to some sort of filtering, which I highly doubt because I don't think they will be arsed to do something like that, nevermind even add DLC you have to pay for, just normal DLC that is free *fingers crossed*