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GT5 demo coming December 17

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Eric Tozer, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Sweet :)
  2. Good stuff :D
  3. My dad keeps insisting on a slow wireless connection.:doh2:. No hope of downloading this I'm afraid..
  4. I thought Prologue was the demo?? Or close enough at least. How many previews do they need to keep releasing to appease the market/manufacturers? How about they just get on with it and release the damn thing? :/
  5. That's consolation enough for me :) I can consider GT5P as the demo lol
  6. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Prologue usually is, but since theyve put it back further still i think its probably a token gesture. I'll take it, free beer and all that.
  7. They are using the demo as the first round of the GT Challenge 2010. Indy 500 and a Nissan 350Z. Tuned and untuned.

    As far as I understand you have do a quick lap with both. They then get added together and the quickest people go to Silverstone for Trials etc...

    Sounds like some fun..
  8. Prologues was the idea for the old GT5. That one was almost finished this summer. But the makers from Forza must have blown fuel into Kazunori. Because he suddenly makes a 180 and now goes for full damage, mechanical and visible. Plus weather systems, day to night,... He just recently even spoke again of the whole new physics engine that will be in the demo. And considiring that you can try to make it to the real races through this demo, it's even more then a present. It's an invite to race your ass off, nothing more, nothing less.

    I love to wait on a one man's vision for so long right now. Do not forget that Kazunori is more then just a gamemaker. He's a groundbraking artist. :)
  9. Its now available for download from the Playstation store
  10. I ave had a go on this and i enjoy the game and i think it looks very nice and but the car is a handfull,
    My time in the Turned Car is 1.48.742
    My Time in the Stock Car Is 1.59.79
    So any help with it plz
  11. Played with DS3:

    1:51.9 standard car. after 10 laps

    1:38.8 tuned after 4 laps

    For some reason my beta Fanatec 911 Turbo wheel doesn't work..
  12. hi

    1:53.911 standard
    1:43.576 tuned

    after a few laps
  13. Turn off traction control.
    I think Manual Transmission is faster & gives you more control. (probably not with joypad??)
    Also download some replays of some faster laps & load them as a ghost & you can see where they are faster & work on those areas.

    Tuned Car 1:41:xxx
    Standard Car 1:53:xxx

    PSN ID: ennisfargis
    GT Server: Australia
  14. Ok Thanks for the advice ill try that, seeing ur lap times makes me think mine are not to bad.
  15. 1:50.722 in the normal car..
  16. i don't think fanatec is supposed to work on PS3?
  17. It does work. I had to update the firmware of the wheel ;).
  18. To me the handling of the car was a disappointment. Did I forgot to adjust something? It felt almost like NFSShift!