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Career GT3 World Championship 2016 1.4

GT3 World Championship 2016 - 9 races - 100km - 17 Opponents

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    GT3 World Championship 2016 - GT3 World Championship 2016 - 9 races - 100km - 17 Opponents

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    GT3 World Championship 2016 1.1 - Race 8 corrected, should be good now - sry :-)

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  3. c4p


  4. Hello mate, thanks for this great mod.
    One question; is it possible to select which skins each car will use? Or it uses the default AC ones?
  5. c4p


    Hello, unfortunately no. Default skins are the best option I think. I could add a skinpacks, but even then you couldn't change the skins by yourself.
    And everyone has another flavor, so I decided so go with the vanilla skins :)
  6. Cheers for the answer mate :)
  7. Karvon26

    Premium Member


    Yes, you can change the skin to the one you want, even create new Careers modes with only notepad, the problem is that it's tedious. If you go to career\series_gt3_wc_2016_650 you will find 2 ini files, one of them has the main settings (points, etc) called "Series" and then other one called "opponents" which contains the info of the AI drivers. You can change the name of the skin by taking it from the car folder (or with the Carrer generator application from this section). Just respect the name and change it on "opponents.ini". If you want to change your own car driver name/skin you must go to each of the Events folder and modify the last "code" paragraph.
    DRIVER_NAME=Norman Gas
    Changing the name you want, nationality and also skin. Don't really know why the Model is empty but you can simply compare this information with the carrers created by Assetto Corsa and you will be able to get how it should be. Hope you could understand my explanation.
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  8. Wow, thanks for the hint mate :) Will try to give it a go :)
  9. c4p


  10. c4p


  11. Hi mate. Very good mod, just did the first race. The only problem was I did a pit stop to refuel while the AI did nothing and from 1st I ended up finishing 14th. Is there a way to make the AI to do a mandatory pit stop? If not, every race you have to start with a full tank.
  12. c4p