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GT3 class balance

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Leonardo Chaves, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Is it me or it's a little unbalanced right now?
    Nissan quicker the Mclaren by some margin, and the Z4 and the SLS can't even touch those two.

    The Nissan is closer to the 458 GT2, M3 GT2 and the Vette than cars from his class imo.
  2. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium Member

    Disagreed on the GT2 argument. The Nissan is way faster in a straight line than any GT2 car, but far less grippy in the corners. NIssan is nowhere near close to GT2.
    Having said this: GT2 and GT3 are very close already but non-comparable, the cars behave quite different. GT3 has higher top speed and ABS + TC. The GT2 is slower, tho much faster through corners and only has TC. It is the technical specs that make the difference, not the laptimes.
    Whether GT3 itself is unbalanced I doubt that, as original specs are used. It depends on the setup I guess, what tracks did you try this on? What were the laptimes? Every car has its pro's and con's and can therefore indeed be slightly faster on track A, but lose terribly on track B.
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  3. For me no matter how much i push the Mclaren i can't match the GTR(Imola and Silverstone, i can see it being hugely fast in Monza too but haven't tested it yet), and the Mclaren was already faster than the Z4 and SLS.
    I guess the GTR will kill it's tires faster because it slides so much, but i think the balance is bit off right now.
  4. GT-R looks faster, it also is on a straight line, but far more hard to manage long race then for example BMW.
  5. This is why in video games it will never be completely accurate. They make adjustments in some series either before a race or sometime just mid season. It's called the infamous BOP.

    Say it with me..B-O-P

    Balance of performance. They either require air restrictors, reduction of effectiveness of splitters (lessen degree or amount of), weight (adding dead weight), or you name it. There's been some inventive ones over the years. If you pay close attention to a series through out one given season, some one is always "complaining".

    IMO there should be the handy use of the "Stage 1" switch as a level of BOP that server admin's cn utilize to institute a "handicap" on a certain car. For instance the "Stage 1" could be added weight or lessening of the aero :whistling:
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  6. I remember asking either Marco or Aris some time ago about adding weight and restrictor etc for BOP on cars and they said that this would be implemented, either its been dumped or not developed yet.
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  7. IMO, the McLaren cant match the speed of either the BMW or Mercedes as well. Raw straight line speed that is.
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  8. yupp, but he will catch that in the corners
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  9. Agree, but still a major disadvantage on a low down force track. The BMW and Merc aren't exactly slouches when cornering, when driven by talented drivers. Which we seem to never be in short supply of around here. Oh, yes, I truly am jealous. :p

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  10. The Mclaren is faster around a lap than those 2, and the Nismo is faster around a lap than the Mclaren.

    While the Nismo is naturally harder to drive, pushing sideways under braking, and some heavier car behaviour, the amount of time you need to "milk" from the 12C in high speed (it is a somewhat temperamental car in those types of corners) corners just to keep up makes it very hard to drive as well.
  11. Right from the very start I've been far quicker in the McLaren than anything else, need a new wheel at the moment so not tried the Nissan apart from with keys to just look at the ring. Do love the Nissan though. Can't wait for the Lamborghini.
  12. I enjoy the McLaren as well. For me it's very fun to drive. However, I love the Lambo!
    Is Kunos making one? I've enjoyed the Lambo Mod.
  13. Yes both the Hracan GT3 and the Gallardo GT3. Was announced a little while a go.
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  14. CrustyA

    Premium Member

    I've been playing around with some custom career events and found the GTR GT3 to be a fair bit faster than the Z4/SLS/MP4 as well. I ended up using different AI levels depending on the car.
    Z4,SLS,MP4 = 100
    GTR = 97
    458/M3/C7R = 95
    I've had a couple of good AI races with these settings in opponents.ini at Imola and Monza so far.

    My most recent race had a GTR in the lead and while I was a bit faster in the corners in the Z4 the GTR would still catch me on the long straights. It was good racing though :thumbsup:
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  15. Yeah, some tracks just favor certain cars. Formula 1 is the perfect example. In the early 2000's to mid, the Ferrari owned on tracks that were fast. Very high revving engine. The Renault (torque) was a beast on the twisty slower tracks. Don't tweak away the reality.

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  16. James Hemp

    James Hemp
    Green Devils Racing

    i haven't been paying much attention to car performance but i've noticed on a club race on Monza, that the McLaren, which i and a couple of people drove, is quite slow on that particular track. it has good grip on slower tracks but not enough speed to compete with the "whale" Merc.
  17. That's why I only race the UDT cars. They are almost perfectly balanced. The other GT2/3 are all over the place.

    I have to say I love the Nissan though. I have driven it a lot at the 'ringand it is one of the best performers there. After only a couple of laps I was able to do the ring in abour 6:45 and later I did even better and better. The McLaren GT3 wasn't even close. I'll try the beamer next.

    The car that baffles me the most is the new Alfa 4C. It has a weird RPM where after every upshift feels like shifting from 2nd to 4th directly, then it picks up, but the sound is horrible. I also know that the real 4c doesn't do that all IRL.

    I guess I'll open a new thread on that just in case something is wrong on my side.
  18. Is it possible to vary the ai levels in race weekend also? Or do I have to make those custom career events?
  19. CrustyA

    Premium Member

    As far as I know its not possible. It'd be nice though. Someone else may know for sure? Maybe an ini file somewhere that could be edited race weekend?
  20. Mclaren has the weakest engine you really feel it at Monza. But on really twisty tracks without long straights it´s very competitive against bmw and mercedes.
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