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GT2 World Championship S1

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Bradley Capps-Jenner, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]Hi everyone, I thinking about starting up a GT2 world championship, if your interested please reply to this thread. Each in event there will be 3 heats, points scoring system will be the same as in the BTCC,

    1st : 20 points, 2nd : 17 points, 3rd : 15 points, 4th : 13 points, 5th : 11 points, 6th : 10 points, 7th : 9 points, 8th : 8 points, 9th : 7 points, 10th : 6 points, 11th : 5 points, 12th : 4 points, 13th : 3 points, 14th : 2 points, 15th : 1 point

    Driving Aids

    ABS : OFF
    Traction Control : OFF
    Stabiltiy Control : OFF
    Racing line : ALLOWED

    All races will be a 60 minuet timed race.
    • Full damage will be utilised.
    • Each event will begin with a single flying lap qualifying session to determine the grid for the race.
    • Each race will require at least 1 mandatory pit stop, failure to complete the stop will see you disqualified from the race.
    • Timeout will be set to 3 minutes after the first person has crossed the line.
    • Teams will be allocated after the shakedown events take place.
    • Cars can be tuned/upgraded to no higher than 763 Pi, which is the highest of the GT2 cars when first brought so in theory all are equal.
    • Drivers lowest scores from 2 of the 10 rounds taking place will be dropped from the final results to aid those unable to compete every race.
    • Lobby will open at 8.15pm (UK Time) to allow for any connection issues.
    • This will be open to all Licensed Members.
    • If you are not connected by the race start time, you will not be able to race. If you get disconnected during the race, you will miss the race, unless everyone disconnects.
    • Each race will start with a rolling start - The Pace car will start at the back of the grid, and all race cars must wait until it passes through the middle to the front of the grid. Then we will follow the Pace car in the positions that we qualified in until the last corner (this doesn't include kinks) of the track, then the car at the front of the grid will control the grid. Once the car at the FRONT of the grid has crossed the start finish line you may commence racing.
    Calendar is on the following thread... http://www.racedepartment.com/forum...ionship-calendar-results-and-standings.50266/

    Cars available

    #2 BMW M3 GTR
    #6 Prototype Technology Group M3 GTR
    #92 Rahal Letterman Racing M3 GT2
    #79 Jeff Hoons BMW M3 GT2 Art Car
    #62 Risi Competizione F430GT
    #90 Frarnbacher Racing F430GT
    #89 Hankook Team Frarnbacher F430GT
    #83 Risi Competizione F430GT
    #62 Risi Competizione F458 Italia
    #40 Robertson Racing Ford GT Mk7
    #33 RSR XKR GT
    #08 West Yokohama Gallardo LP560-4
    #51 Panoz Esperante GTLM
    #050 Panoz Racing Abruzzi

    If your interested please post, and you will be put into the post, 'sign up' below.
  2. Signup

    The names of participants have been put in the GT2 World Championship Signup Thread
  3. Sounds great but there is too much on at the moment for me Brad. 4 races next week. If it ran later in the year, maybe I would be able to join. Good luck with it anyway.
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  4. Yeah, same here. Clio championship, Sports Car World Cup, and the F1 2011 championship; It's all a bit much!
  5. Okay guys, I'll do it after Easter around there.
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  6. Don't forget Tuesdays are taken up RDFM4. You would be best having Thursdays really to get the best interest.
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  7. Even without this series, what the FM4 club are currently offering is already too much for me, lol. Whilst I really do like the game and racing with the guys here at RD, I also have a life away from the XBOX and having nearly every day of the week offering a race series of some kind is system overload.

    You also have to take in to account that there also other racing sims out there that the guys take part in as well as needing free time for other things outside of RD.

    No point starting another series thread off just because the another thread you started failed to attract enough interested parties. It's not always the content putting folks off, but just that there is already enough going on without adding more clutter to the schedules.

    Just my two-penneth.

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  8. Thanks for the advice. :)
  9. I think this is why we need to fill the community up a little more
  10. I think this is the biggest point. You look at the RFactor and such forums on RD and they have probably more than 7 events on a weekly basis- but they have a lot more active members in those forums. When (and I say this because we are growing slowly) we have more members on the Forza forum then it will be able to support more events. At the moment only one league is fully subscribed. I would wait till you start seeing all the events being fully subscribed with reserves before the group could really support another series. At the moment there's pretty much a league-type event Monday-Wednesday with club racing on Thursday and Fridays and the possibility of some upcoming endurance events on the weekends and most all of these events are populated by the same group of players. As an example, I would love to compete in Chris's sports car world cup but three nights on the trot of weekly commitment is too much for me.
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  11. Mr Chip

    Mr Chip
    A lot of gear, little idea....... Premium

    "Nail" and "Head" spring to mind!
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  12. Is anyone still interested or is there too much on atm?
  13. If it takes the place of one of the current series I'd be interested. Intercontinental on Saturdays only has 2 or 3 more races left (at 4pm currently). If it takes that slot we could see if the other forums are interested as well.

    My only other point would be is that you are looking at 90 mins racing, maybe more which could put some off. We are not all young free and single ;)
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  14. Why not put a practice event up on a Friday night!?
  15. Would it be better if the first and second heats were 10 mins?
  16. That may make them too short, that's why a practice event may help finalise laps/timing etc. I would have thought 15 to be more like it but there are plenty of other opinions to be heard still.

    Good thing is that cars are different to everything we've used so far and make for a nice change. Me likey :)
  17. What cars are available??
  18. Not sure what Brad is planning but if you set up a race online and select class as GT2 you should have all the options available for selection when you go to choose car, either from those that you own in your garge, club garage or a selection of stock cars from manufacturers.
  19. Cool, thanks Wayne!
  20. I'll right the list down soon when I can get on my live the hacker won't go!
    Should we also do GT3 cars upgraded to 763 PI too or not?