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EU GT2 @ Tor Poznán - Saturday August 8th

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Racing Club' started by Lorenzo Bonder, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    The GT Saturdays returns after a week break with now GT2 action into Polish lands!

    Join Us!

    Not a premium member yet but interested to race with our group of friendly drivers? Click here for more information and learn how you can participate as well. See you on track?!

    Server Name: RaceDepartment.com #2
    Server and Teamspeak Password: click here
    Racing Club Rules: click here
    Ferrari 458 GT2, BMW M3 GT2, Chevy Corvette C7.R GTLM, Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione
    Track: Tor Poznán (download here)

    Booking: no
    Practice: 17:00 GMT (90 minutes)
    Qualifying: 18:30 GMT (15 minutes)
    Race: 18:45 GMT (28 laps - Mandatory Pits)
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2015
  2. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    Entry List:

    1. Matheus Machado 458
    2. Lorenzo Bonder C7.R
    3. Jaime Aleman C7.R
    4. Chark 458
    5. Alyosha 458
    6. Andre CZ C7.R
    7. Si 458
    8. Asterix M3
    9. Ramon Salles M3
    10. Tal C7.R
    11. Rudolph Maré P4/5 (!)
    12. Mark Breslin M3
    13. snappyDee ??? (perhaps perhaps perhaps)
    14. .
    15. .
    16. .
    17. .
    18. .
    19. .
    20. .
    21. .
    22. .
    23. .
    24. .
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2015
  3. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    In with the 458
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  4. Jaime Aleman

    Jaime Aleman

    Please put me down for the Chevy
  5. Chark


    Interesting choice of track there! I'll go with the 458 please.
  6. Ferrari for me :)
  7. Si


    in work! hope you have a great event!! :D
  8. Andre CZ

    Andre CZ
    Andre Czecho

    Hello...i try Chevy...:)
  9. M3 for me please.
  10. Si


    Looks like I will be home in time....I will try a fezza :)
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  11. I can't get on with the Ferrari - I've tried but it's not happening.
  12. Ramon Salles

    Ramon Salles

    In M3 please
  13. Chark


    Yeah, I can't quite understand how to drive it. I seem to lose the rear end on almost every exit of corners. :unsure: Anyone has some general setup tips for that 458?
  14. I'm just as fast in the Ferrari over one lap but I have zero confidence in racing in one. As you said, it's very waggy at the back and trying to dial it out really compromises the car.

    I guess it suits some people's driving styles, but not mine it seems - strange, as I like my cars quite edgy.
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  15. Si


    I find the Ferrari quite grippy. My only gripe is the brakes. I find them too easy to lock up.
  16. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    Being quite honest here chaps. All cars will have the risk of locking the brakes, I've tested the M3, this track you need to be very sharp and smooth to avoid brake locking.
  17. Chark


    I don't know if brake temperature are simulated, but tyres temps are, and this track makes it almost impossible to warm them properly. So it's easier to lock brakes and lose grip. Don't get me wrong though, it's a club race, so anything like that is to be taken a challenge! (and not like a problem) :)
    If we don't race different tracks and cars we're not used to now, when would we? ;)
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  18. Si


    Spoken like a true future staffer;)
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  19. EireGreen™


    BMW M3 GT2
  20. The BMW, to be sure?
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