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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

EU GT2 (inc C6R) @ Imola Sat 13-09-14

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Racing Club' started by Si, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Si


    A classic battle of European Engineering against American Muscle, around a classic race track..

    Special Notes:

        • Haven't got the game yet? Buy Assetto Corsa directly from the RD Store for only 29,99 Euro

          • Book your slots in time from 18:00 GMT onwards which leaves you with a 60 minute time frame to complete your booking on the server. If you can't book in time make sure to sign out before 17:00 GMT so your spot can go to somebody else.
          • Passwords are sent via private message on the forums before the booking starts
    Cars: BMW M3 GT2, P4/5, Corvette C6R
    Download Corvette here. http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/corvette-c6r-2013.2852/download?version=4718
    Track: Imola.

    Booking: 18:00 GMT

    Practice:19:00 GMT 40 mins
    Qualifying: 19:40 GMT 20mins
    Race: 20:00 GMT (20) laps

    Racing Club Rules: click here
    Teamspeak Password:
    click here
    Teamspeak Installation Guide: click here

    Let's fill up the grid! You can ask other drivers to race with you by using the tag function of the forum. Just type an @ directly followed by the user name and this person will receive a notification. Example @@RaceDepartment

    Our racing clubs are foremost meant to gain online experience so please help other drivers out when they have questions about the event, the car, the track, the setup or a combination. This is not a league race, it's not about who wins, it's for some fun, so please join us on TeamSpeak and build a little community spirit! The more fun we make it, the more inclined people will be to join in and make the grids bigger.

    Priority access
    In case of a large amount of sign-ups premium members are given priority access to enter this event.

    Entry List Server: (MAX 24)

    1.Ilias Axarlis

    2.Blake Courtney
    3.Eric Brown
    4.Amedeo Fiorella
    5.Akis Kevrekidis
    6.Stephen Sekhon
    7.Catalin Sasu
    8.Cristian Stirbu
    9.Thomas Wilen
    10.Cayd Breslin
    11.William Barbosa
    12.Dominique Alguacil
    13.Sergio Silveira
    14.Ronny Nunez
    15.Fernando Deutsch
    16.Stelios Fevgatos
    17.Fábio Assunção
    18.Pashalis Gergis
    20.Simon Knight
    21.Alexander Boroday
    22.Liviu Tiron
    23.Galin Dimov
    24.Kyriakos Mayromaras




    Entry and Withdraws will close at 17:30 GMT pw and server info will be sent out shortly after!

    Last edited: Sep 13, 2014
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  2. Count me in
  3. sign me up!
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  4. Sign me up.
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  5. I'll try it.
  6. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Sign me up :).
  7. IRobot


    I would like to participate. Thanks.
  8. Dexter


    sign me up ... please with C6R
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2014
  9. sign me up ... please ..:)
  10. Sign me up, C6R preferred
  11. tempting...
  12. Si


    Is that a registration?
  13. i would say 50% if i dont have plans on sat night. i'll keep you posted...
  14. sign me up
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  15. Sign me up, BWM pls
  16. Sign me up, please. :thumbsup:
  17. Sergio Silveira

    Sergio Silveira

    sign me up, bmw please
  18. Sign me up please !
  19. Sign me up please!
  20. My computer has become infected by something, and I'm occasionally getting the blue screen of death. If that happens during a race, I don't know what everyone else would see. I sure hope it won't happen, but if my car suddenly stops or disappears or does something weird, that will be what happened, no doubt.