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GT-R Official Record

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Ben Buitendijk, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. As some of you might know, there is a trophy for beating the reallife record of the Nissan GT-R around the Nordschleife. The official time is 7.29.03

    You must do it in arcade mode and use sports: hard tires at max

    I just had a go and reached 7.29.125 lol But I almost spun twice so I think I can be 2 seconds faster, will do another lap now.

    Anyone else tried this challenge sofar?

    EDIT: 7.26.346 :) I think for me a 'perfect' lap will be a low 25, maybe a 24, but I am not sure how much faster is possible.
  2. I've not tried this, but i think it must be very difficult on those tyres, i've done some fast times at the ring in a few different cars, Mclaren F1 can go under 7m as standard (though maybe not with those tyres), Corvette ZR-1 (Race modded will go under 6mins) and the Mercedes AMG SLS 10' is quite fast (what was the gold time for that challenge?). The GT-R is an incredible car though, it makes better use of the grip on the weaker tyres. I'l just have to try this for myself.

    Congrats on beating the record.
  3. Is that tuned up as well above the RM? Geez could only manage 7.04 yesterday with the standard RM ZR1 (with Racing Hard Tires) after a couple of laps, sure I can get quite a bit faster, maybe as much as 15 secs with more laps, but under 6 minutes!!!

    Got to try the GT-R later but it's slippery on those tires!

  4. I had fully tuned the car before i race modded it, though it lost a fair chunk of power after the race mod it was a lot faster, the downforce at the front transformed it.
  5. I have mine racemodded as well as installed all available power upgrades after it, so it has about 900hp

    Will see what kind of laptime I can make with it ;)
  6. I think you can add your tuning / power back on as well after it's race modded - should be stuff in your items folder... I expect it's a beast at 900bhp! Not gonna fully upgrade mine until the later races when I suspect I'll need it all!
  7. 6.46.247

    With my Viper ACR on sports: soft

    It has 1000hp haha

    Will now try the ZR1 RM, but I only have racing soft tires, so will use those.

    EDIT: Below 6 minutes is definetely possible with a fully modified ZR-1, I made a 6.00.724 on my first try :)
    And I almost lost it at the quick combination after the Karusel, so it should be easy with a clean lap!
  8. My Corvette ZR-1 is at 849bhp, pretty sure thats fully upgraded. Insanely fast car, i was running a 42.3 consistantly at Indy speedway, so it will win the "Like the Wind" with ease. Also used this car to win the GT All Stars, only tricky circuit was Tokyo where the high downforce and big power of the LMP/Group C cars gives them a big advantage, all the other tracks are an easy win with the ZR-1.

    It may be possible to go down to 7:20 in the GT-R at Nordschleife, though it would take a lot, i dont think i could do it thats for sure, still yet to try however! been working on other things with the game.
  9. the GTR that set the time at the ring was stock. wasn't it?
  10. Yes, it was the one from Arcade mode.
  11. If you're asking in RL, yes it's stock and based in the 2007 production. I believe the stock tires for 2007 R35 GTR were the Dunlop Sports (run-flat).

    It has to be noted that the actual GTR record at the Nordschleife is 7:26.7. Nissan's ace driver Toshio Suzuki is responsible for both these times (and the earlier 7:38 pre-production GTR) but I guess since the GTR version in GT5 is the 2007 model(not counting the Spec V) the earlier time is duly noted- though both the 2007 and 2009 models are basically the same car. The 2012 on the other hand (not in GT5) is an entirely new beast- increased power and reportedly much faster time circa 7:24 (faster than the ZR-1 but slower than the Viper ACR). Here's the 7:26.7: