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GT PRO @ Road One International- Monday May 24th, 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eric Nelson, May 19, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]


    Class: GT-Pro

    Weather: [COLOR=blue]Dry[/COLOR]

    Start Time: [COLOR=blue]21:45 EDST / 18:45 WDST / 01:45 GMT (Tuesday)[/COLOR]

    Practice: [COLOR=blue]open server[/COLOR]

    Qualification: [COLOR=blue]10mins (9:45 EST)[/COLOR]

    Warmup: [COLOR=blue]10mins[/COLOR]

    Race:[COLOR=blue] 2x10 laps[/COLOR]

    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

  2. Big GT PRO cars need a wide fast place to play and this fits the bill to a T! Just a few laps in a test session made it a real favorite instantly! So suit up and strap in to your favorite car and see if you can tame Road One! It'll be gripping your brain in no time and you'll be getting the call like a crack pipe to run just one more lap.....

    he he he he
  3. Entry List:

    1. Eric "unforced error" Nelson
    2. Stefan Werner
    3. Jarrod Keen
    4. William Nowell
    5. Eric Estes
    6. Glenn Peterson
    7. Eric Dennis
    8. Tylor Scurlock
    9. Sam Mehler
    10. Corey Theman
    11. Keith "low fuel" Barrick
    12. Dennis Phelan
    13. Yves Larose
    14. Alex Woods
    15. Glen Kabis
    16. driver
    17. driver
    18. driver
    19. driver
    20. driver
    21. driver
    22. driver
    23. driver
    24. Abdul Ahmed (maybe)
    25. Larry Stovall (maybe)
  4. Me of course! Great track selection btw. A GT race at Road One is well over due.
  5. I'll give it a go.
  6. Lets get it on!!!
  7. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Two scientists were racing
    For the good of all mankind
    Both of them side by side
    So determined
    Locked in heated battle
    For the cure that is their prize
    But it's so dangerous
    But they're determined

    Theirs is to win
    If it kills them
    They're just humans
    With wives and children

    Upwards to the vanguard
    Where the pressure is too high
    Under the microscope
    Hope against hope

    Forging for the future
    But to sacrifice their lives
    Both of them side by side
    So determined

    Theirs is to win
    If it kills them
    They're just humans
    With wives and children

    Theirs is to win
    It will kill them
    They're just humans
    With wives and children

    Ok not the dying part, a maybe...maybe lol
  8. In please!
  9. I'll be there!
  10. I will be there.

    Is it possible to get some setup assistance from anyone?
  11. Eric D. I would help you with a setup, but if you have the default one, then you already have mine:rabbit:.
  12. Eric, absoultely, Eric Nelson is really good at setting up cars and he usually puts up setups to be downloaded for 2 or 3 of the cars. Connect with him asap to discuss.
  13. Sign me up please.
  14. Please sign me up with my patience!
  15. Yes please - a fun battle awaits!
  16. I've actually used some of Eric Nelson's setups and done better in the second races than the first, until I DNF in the second. LOL!!! Will do.
  17. Lets take this one step ata time. Here is some reference materials that may prove helpful to understand what goes into a setup and what affects certain characteristics of how the car drives after you change it.

    Go here for a nice basic easy to read format that Keith has used and posted links to in the past.


    Finishing race #2......................your on your own here! LOL
  18. To clarify, aren't these supposed to be the GT Pros this week? I think the signup says sport.
  19. Nice catch Jarrod. You are correct, this comming week is GT-Pro's.
  20. Sign me up please