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GT PRO @ Mugello GP - Monday April 26th, 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eric Nelson, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]


    Class: GT-PRO

    Track: Mugello GP

    Weather: Dry

    Start Time: 21:45 EDST / 18:45 WDST / 01:45 GMT (Tuesday)

    Practice: open server
    Qualification: 15mins (9:45 EDST)
    Warmup: 10mins
    Race: 2x12 laps

    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

  2. Mugello GP circuit is perfect for GT PRO! A massive straightaway with a beautiful flowing feel that will keep you wanting another lap to get it right! A well balanced machine will be the key here to victory. Do you take the big power slippery Vette or the all around perfomer Aston Martin? I bet you try at least 3 cars here to figure out what works the best!
  3. Entry List:

    1. Eric Nelson
    2. Eric Estes
    3. Sam Mehler
    4. Dennis Phelan
    5. Glenn Peterson
    6. Jarrod Keen
    7. Corey Theman
    8. William Nowell
    9. Brian Brewer
    10. Stefan Werner
    11. driver
    12. driver
    13. driver
    14. driver
    15. driver
    16. driver
    17. driver
    18. driver
    19. Tyler Scurlock (maybe)
    20. Yves Larose (maybe) vive les Habitants!
    21. Bill Kaiser (maybe)
  4. Sign me up - sounds like fun.
  5. Um yea

    Gonna have to race this one!!!
  6. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium Member

    I'm in, probably driving a Honda!
  7. :funnypost::banana:
  8. Sign me up as a maybe please.
  9. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    put me in as a maybe please, i'll see how my team is doing in the playoff and i will confirm later this week if i'm in for sure or still a maybe, thanks :coffee:
  10. I'll be there.
  11. You can pretty much put me down for these Monday GT races by default Eric. :cool:

    I'll probably be off the pace next Monday. With RDTCC on Sunday's it makes it really hard to find the time to get any form of practice in. It's all good though, I got my win for 2010 in last Monday. :tongue:
  12. Don't feel bad Stefan, I'm lucky if I get anything above and beyond the 30 minutes before Qual :) Once the lights go out you never know what will happen.
  13. YEah man your a regular for sure! good luck in RDTCC! I always research the cars and drop in a setup so don;t sweat it man.

    You already know MUgello right? it's pretty much a given that the DBR is likely the best car here.
  14. I'm in
  15. Sign me up!
  16. Count me in!! Any Monday night around 9:45pm is a good race time for me.
  17. Welcome to the amrican Racing Club Eric! We are always on track and looking fo rnew guys to have fun sim racing here at RD.

    And if you happen to like GT cars, well then Mondays will be night you'll really enjoy!

    We race every night but Saturdays so if you find some spare time, keep us in mind!
  18. Since I like torture so much, can me in. It's crazy, I like racing so much but suck at it so bad:confused:.
  19. You and me, William. :D
  20. :funnypost::roflol: what is it about a poison pill anyway?