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GT Mixed Enduro @ Mosport 1977 - Monday 3rd November 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Andrew Evans, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Class: GTC / GTS / GTP
    Track: Mosport 1977
    Weather: Dry​

    Practice: 20:00 GMT (1 hour)
    Superpole: 21:00 GMT (10 mins)
    Warmup: 21:10 GMT (5 mins)
    Race: 21:15 GMT (1 hour 30 mins)​

    Pit Rules: None​

    Password: click here


    This is an endurance event, so please do not sign-up unless you can commit to the entire session.​

    Reserve drivers will go into a pool and will be elligble to enter the server during the last 10 minutes of practice (since it's a closed, superpole). This will be on a first come, first serve basis. A post will be made in this thread to indicate when they can jump in.​

    Mosport is currently untested - so all the usual disclaimers apply. There seems to be a problem with auto-pit, so please do not use it!​

    Please sign up with the following form:​


    Choice is restricted to slots left available in post #2.​
  2. GTC
    1. Andrew Evans - Seat Cupra GT
    2. Neil Gault - Aston Martin DBRS9
    3. James Yates - Dodge Viper Comp. Coupe
    4. Richard Bunschoten - BMW Z4 GTR
    5. Yves Larose - Aston Martin DBRS9
    6. Anthony Hilton - BMW Z4 GTR
    7. Driver - Car
    8. Driver - Car
    1. Simon Trendell - Mosler MT900R
    2. Karl Westman - Marcos MarcoRelly GTS [skin]
    3. Chris Noble - Mosler MT900R
    4. Michael Herrmann - BMW M3 GTR [skin]
    5. Gary Lennon - Mosler MT900R [skin]
    6. Eck Simpson - Corvette C6 GT2
    7. Nils Wijk - Marcos MarcoRelly GTS
    8. Neil Tennant - M3 GTR GTR
    1. Marcel vd Aa - Corvette C6R [skin]
    2. Sam J Simpson - Gumpert Apollo GT
    3. Patrick Duivelaar - Audi R8 GT Concept
    4. Christian Deparis - Gumpert Apollo GT [skin]
    5. Thierry Marchand - Corvette C6R
    6. Lee Holmes - Saleen S7-R [skin]
    7. Driver - Car
    8. Driver - Car
    9. Driver - Car
    1. Lee Downham
  3. Name: Andrew Evans
    Class: GTC
    Car: Seat Cupra GT
  4. Sorry, but on which day is this event?
  5. heh heh, knew i'd missed something important out... updated :thumb:
  6. sign me up plz

    Audi R8 GTP skin link will follow soon
  7. Name: James Yates
    Class: GTP
    Car: Aston Martin DBR9
  8. Name:Roy Stevens
    Car: DBR9
  9. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Name: Marcel vd Aa
    Class: GTP
    Car: Chevrolet Corvette C6R

    Skin will follow soon
  10. sign me up please, it will give me a chance to get some practice in with my DBRS9

    Name: Neil Gault
    Class: GTC
    Car: Aston Martin DBRS9
  11. Name: Sander Hogendoorn
    Class: GTP
    Car: Lister Storm
  12. Name: Sam J Simpson
    Class: GTP
    Car: Gumpert Apollo
  13. Ha! GT Practice.

    GTS in my Mosler Please :)
  14. Sign me up pls with the GTPro Audi R8
  15. Name: Karl Westman
    Class: GTS
    Car: Marcos MarcoRelly GTS

    Custom skin

    Kind regards,
  16. Chris Noble - Mosler MT900R
  17. Since it was another new track for me i just did 3 or 4 laps and wow, i sure hope this one works as it is one nice flowing track.
    Nice find :thumb:
  18. server is up for testing... new track so please give it a whirl... haveta say i LOVE it in these cars... :becky:

    also - there seems to be a problem with auto-pit (i had the same thing ruin my le mans race)... if you're gonna run this session i strongly advise auto-pit off if you don't wanna get blanked by your crew :thumb:

    edit: just saw neils response :D
  19. Name:Gary Lennon
    Class:GT Sport
    Car:Mosler MT900R
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