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GT Legends Setups

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Theo de Bruin, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. This is my Porsche 911 setup so far. I'm very new to GTL so I have no idea if it's any good.

    Probably not much help to Theo since it's the wrong Porsche.

    EDIT: Updated my setup file after some more practice. Best time so far is 1.55.7, not great but ok for me. :)

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  2. I'm still hoping some of the 906 drivers are willing to share their setups! :D I could post mine but I am sure it won't be of much use to anyone lol!
  3. Mini Cooper S - Bathurst

    This is mainly for Krister Larsson, to help with our GTL Bathurst event coming up.

    My setup file (so far) and a hotlap which may help.
    Hotlap was done in practice mode using the setup included. Time was 2.44.7, no idea if it is any good. It has a few mistakes (poor entry to Conrod Straight and hit the curb in Caltex Chase down Conrod) so I'm sure it is not a great lap.

    Maybe it helps though.

    EDIT: Updated the attached Hotlap file with a better one. 2.43.4.
    It's a bit cleaner and a better guide.

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  4. Thanx Warren,

    Now I just need to put in some practice and get used to both the car and the track. If I manage to challange some of you it would be a big bonus for a BFR driver like me:jumping:
  5. My fastest so far is a 2:41:868 after 10 laps of testing, I was not going to inflict my setup on you, lol, but thought, why not?, a better man than me can probably make it faster, hehe. BTW the walls are a nightmare, flick you straight into cyberspace if you clip one, lol.


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  6. Slowly getting there. Now 2.43.729. Used Warrens setup but with longer gearing.

    Further testing and now 2.43.391 with race setup and fuel good for 20 laps.
  7. Oh dear, kinda went into flip mode on my first few laps, but i managed some, best so far:

    Some work needed.

  8. Hmmm....


    Nevermind hey, got a nice trip 'under ground' after 4 or 5 barrel rolls, i didnt think i hit the barrier that hard.... lmao
  9. Done the same a few times and ended up in cyberspace. Escape is the only way to get out of it bringing you back to pit. Some careful driving on friday seems to be needed to make it for 18 laps.:bike:
  10. Yep! The walls are a real problem with Bathurst. Unfortunately if you hit them with any sort of speed you end up in outer space, never to return.

    We better warn everyone to be extra careful for the race, although that's pretty obvious at Bathurst anyway. :p

    No first few laps heroics wanted here.
  11. Completely understood WD, this so far has been a one off, i was just so suprised by the force that the cars get shot into the air.

    I have had alot more practice now, so im more than happy to potter along at the back and take my time now...well apart from the quaili...

  12. It seems I included the wrong setup file in my original post. The gearing was too low. Apologies to all for misleading you.

    Here is my latest one, basically the gearing on maximum with minor adjustment to the brake bias and steering lock. these tend to be personal anyway.

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  13. Mini Cooper S - Warwick Farm

    I am posting this for Hans Sneep.

    My Mini setup I used for the Warwick Farm event. It's basically the same setup I use for most tracks in the Mini, I only change the gearing, or very occasionally, the brake balance by a small amount.

    The Steering Lock may need to be adjusted to suit your wheel (Controller) rotation. I use a rotation of 350 deg for GTL.

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  14. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Hy Warren ,thanks fore your fast reply on my questions,I was watching your driving style during the practice before the race ,the first sing I noticed when entering a corner you brake into the corner and keep the throttle open during down shifting to hold the momentum of speed, when I try the same I end up with the back end of the car pointing in to the corner, so that stops me from trying.
    I have reed your explanation very careful,and will try to do the sings you have said , I must take more time to learn the track and the way to take the corners and than try to speed up, now I try after 3 laps to go as fast as possible and make lots mistakes.
    About my wheel, its a Logit.Wingman FF only brake and throttle so I am leftfood braking.
    So off to practice,and thanks fore the setup,and the advice.
    There are ferry nice people over here.

  15. Ford Falcon - Montreal

    This is mainly for Hans Sneep. Here is a setup for the Falcon, not really mine but from a good source and slightly modded by me to suit my G25 Controller.
    Maybe it will help.

    Also included a hotlap using the setup. Probably not a good lap but I haven't driven the Falcon and just had a quick go to test the setup.

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  16. Cheers warren ill be taking this :)
  17. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

  18. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

  19. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    Thanks Simon gonna try this one did a 1.48.522 so far must be faster..