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GT Legends for EVO

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Azza, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys, couldn't help but notice you running the GT legends cars in EVO on RDTV. Where can I find the mod??
  2. Actually gt legends is a game and it is not a mod on EVO. Old game though. If your looking for mods go on the download page for the race series and go to race series cars. Someone could make a mod for it but it would probably be too difficult to make but idk i never made a mod before.
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Thats actually the original GT Legends game:thumbup:

    Its the coverage of the RD Historic Grand Prix series, clicky
  4. Bram you make that tempting to click. let me try to make a tempting click for the race series car download page: clicky clicky clack. Well that didn't work. JUst give you the original, non-fun or tempting to click link: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads.php?do=cat&id=5. Enjoy the selection or cars, espesicaly the f1!
  5. There is a mod of GTL for Evo/Race On. I have it, not sure where I got it though.
  6. Thats right Blair their is a GTL Mod for the Race Series, I think it was Mojo who did the mod (might be wrong there), it probably came from No Grip racing. Its an excellent mod and is great fun, it does, however since the release of the MMG F1 2007 Mod have one downside...

    The GTL Mod and the MMG F1 2007 Mod use some of the same car ID's in game - as far as I know this means you can NOT sucessfully have both Mods installed at the same time, it will cause conflict and problems (you definitely won't be able to join F1 servers online, probably more).

    Just thought I would point this out in case someone reads this thread and decides they want the GTL and the F1 mod, it may just save someone a whole lot of headscratching and frustration....!
  7. Ugggg - just had a hunt around and it seems the GTL Mod (Latest Version 1.31) by Mojo was been removed from No Grip (infringes some copyright laws or something), and Mojo seems mighty peed off at No Grip, Racedepartment, Simbin and even Bram over it. Its a shame because Mojo is amazingly skilled (from the work I have seen at least).

    Still, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and rules and laws are rules and laws, I just wish that a workable, keeps eveyone happy, soloution could be found because I would love to have the F1 and GTL Mod available in the same game...

    I am with No Grip, RD, Simbin and Bram on this, because thats whats right and it is Mojo thats overstepped a mark here - but Mojo does have my respect and if anyone from SIMBIN who can make a difference reads this I would urge them to try and find a better soloution to the problem of Mojo and his 'illegal' download than alienating a great modder from our great community..
  8. By far the best way to enjoy GTL is to use the original GTL Sim.

    We have a great GTL community here, organised by a few top guys designing really enjoyable Club Events and Leagues. If anyone wants to have fun with these great old Classic cars, original GTL is the way to go.
  9. For me the only problem with that solution is that Race series FFB together with GTL (mod) works great. Original GTL and its FFB not that great for me... I love the period; the cars, the tracks, but I'm too "addicted" to recent SimBin FFB.

    The worst race simulation "scenario" the future could bring us ("strong" ffb "lovers"), would be for (when finely) rF2 comes out with it's expected usual flexibility (moding), its FFB be in the likes of rF1... :frown: ... I'm positive, it can't be :wink:
  10. Joao GTL has better FF then GTR Evo imo.
    If you use Warren his FF settings, it's the best by far.
  11. "Good"/"bad", all in the eye of the beholder, but... Yes, I didn't try any "special" profile as for instances the rF1 ones didn't do much for me (they do, but just to that much) . But you are right GTR2 FFB is ok, GTL should be too, I will give it another try likely after this FPWS commitment :wink:
  12. Why oh why oh why can't SIMBIN find a way of plugging GTL (and GTR2) into Race07 in the same way as they 'plug' GTR Evo, STCC, etc etc in? I accept they may have a different engine, but surely its not beyond SIMBIN to streamline their range so someone with Race ON, GTL, GTR2 is able to have one set of wheel/ffb setups and is able to browse games from all Race,GTL, GTR games in the Lobby - if they could do that (WITHOUT losing the bits of GTL and GTR2 that people love) then it could bring communities together and mean more server choice for us all. I mean we can plug the GTL Mod in - why can't SIMBIN reserve Car ID's and enable this as a sort of THANKYOU to people who support them by buying more games from their range? Its happeneing now with Race Series, and thats fine, but it would be so little work (on the scale of SIMBIN) to do this and could seriously regenerate sales of GTL/GTR2 as many, many people out there are a little afraid of installing mods but could probably be tempted to buy GTR/GTL if it auto combined in this way...
  13. Probably because the "Simbin" that released GTL and GTR2 is not the same "Simbin" that released GTRE etc, they are two separate organisations now. The team that developed GTL and GTR2 have split from the original group and are now known as Blimey, as far as I know.
    Just guessing, but I'd bet that the two groups are now legally competing with each other, and therefore there might be licencing restrictions preventing the games being merged into one.
  14. The problem is that GTL and GTR2 property rights are/were owned by 10tacle that's gone bust and took the licenses with them into their grave. Simbin was left behind with nothing, as 10tacle owned the rights and not Simbin.

    It has nothing to do with the Simbin/Blimey! split.
  15. Now I am even more confused.com ! If they are separate companies fine I get that, if the 'licences really did go to the grave' which I doubt then who is there to stand in the way of the GTL Mod? I just don't get it.. feel a bit dumb for admitting that.

    I try to stick with mods that are here on RD already if I can, because I know that they will be decent mods, that are proven to work and that they will be legal - although I am very tempted to try a Mini mod put on No Grip last week - 4x4 480bhp Minis sound nuts - almost as good as this one would/could have been....http://www.pmlflightlink.com/archive/news_mini.html - hmmm 240kmh 0-100kph (60mph) in 4.5 seconds - unfortunately it seems it never ran, unless someone can find footage out there ... and Volvo are now developing the concept, as are other car manufacturers...
  16. There's no one in the way of the GTL Mod I think. Except that it has been converted by Mojo66 who isn't a friend of many forums (anymore). And I think Simbin doesn't like him as well, as he links to an inappropriate version of Race On.
  17. About the GTL Mod for GTR Evo. I found it at NO Grip.
    Works fine for me.
  18. If I recall correctly, the GTL Mod requires you to have an orignal GTL disk in order to install the mod. Or was that the one for rFactor? I know it was one of the two that had me dust off the old GTL disc. :smile:
  19. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    The rFactor one definitely does. :thumbup:
  20. The GTL mod for GTRE didn't require the GTL disc, but I'm pretty sure the Power and Glory mod for GTR2 did. The P & G Mod for GTR2 is a very good version of GTL as well.