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GT Legends and Starforce protection

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Duke55, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. Duke55

    Premium Member

    I've been of two minds of installing GTL once again, but I don't want to risk it by having Starforce on my PC. I have the disc, but I've looking at purchasing the Steam version to circumvent the Starforce protection.

    So my question is. Does the Steam version of GT Legends still include Starforce protection or has it been removed?
  2. Unless you are still running XP, DO NOT INSTALL the disc version of GT Legends. Starforce is not compatible with newer operating systems, and the results are immediate and not nice..

    The good news is the Steam version of GT Legends has no copy protection at all - you don't even need to run it through Steam.

    Also good news is if you already own GT Legends and can find your on-line key (on the back of the manual in European versions) you can get your Steam copy for free.

    In Steam look at the top of the screen for Games (in between friends and help). Click on it and choose activate a product on Steam. Enter your on-line key without the dashes.
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  3. Duke55

    Premium Member

    Thanks, David. I appreciate all the info you provided. Cheers. :thumbsup:

    Edit:- That worked a treat, just re-activated GTR, GTR2 and GTL with that tip. Now I've finally got my complete SimBin collection activated once again. :)
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2016
  4. Glad it worked. GT Legends is too good to be without.

    Licensing issues hit the steam version of GTR2 and the Porsches and Ferraris are greyed out. There is a fix for this available on the net - not sure how RD feel about it being posted here.

    Since GTR2 doesn't use Starforce and a no-CD exe is available I still normally install GTR2 from the disc.
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