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Formula RaceRoom 3 @ Nurburgring GP (Club Event) (LIVE)

Misc GT Endurance Series Special Events Pack 1.0

Assetto Corsa GT Endurance Racing

  1. Oemie submitted a new resource:

    AC GT ENDURANCE SERIES Special Events Pack - Assetto Corsa GT Endurance Racing

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  2. Dexter


    light on... warning message processor >95 % and frame drops, shuttering ...
    is too many competitors 24 ???
    in quick race with 4 players, play normal no frame drops, no shuttering...
  3. Pete Bone

    Pete Bone

    I have had that warning a couple of times and i have an i7 3770k and 8gb RAM, it will happen until AC has been optimized.
  4. Dexter


    i have intel Q9550 + 8 gb DDR3 + R9 280x 3gb...wait new release AC
  5. 3770k @ 4.6GHz, GTX 770, 16GB RAM

    Also get 95% CPU occupancy warning with a full grid.
  6. You can adjust the number of cars involved. If you go into the event.ini file, you'll find the number of cars. Just lower it. You may also want to delete some of the [CAR_XX] near the end, not sure if that matters.

    I run an I5-4570 3.2GHz, and I get the >95% CPU message in the first corner from time to time, but never after that.
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  7. Thanks for this! :cool:
  8. Nice work, fun event however running 24 cars on my machine caused it to hang. When I looked at ram usage it was maxing out my 4GB. So if you have 4GB or less reduce the number of cars, 8GB ram would be fine.
  9. antonn


    merci pour l'info,