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Gt Club @ Hockenheim Gp, Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Dennis Phelan, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    Track: Hockenheim GP
    Weather: Dry
    Games: GTR-Evo, Race Room[Free Addon]

    20:00 GMT: Practice
    20:30 GMT: Qualification
    20:50 GMT: Warmup
    21:00 GMT: Race (45 Minutes)

    RD Club Rules: Click Here
    Penalties & Incident Reporting: Click Here
    Server and TeamSpeak Passwords: Click Here

    We encourage all of our drivers to use Teamspeak 3 (download). Talking directly to your fellow drivers increases the fun and the ability to share information quickly and easily. It will improve your driving skills dramatically as well as your relationship with your fellow drivers.

    Entry List:
    To sign-up for this event simply leave a post in the thread below.
    1. Ariciuc Razvan
    2. Dennis Phelan
    3. Justin Swan
    4. Søren Mogensen
    5. Dave Flower
    6. Richard Hill
    7. Frankl Mate
    8. Duillio Simonetti
    9. Mark Bushell
    10. Aleksander Pienkowski
    11. Vinicius Ferreira
    12. Daz Webb
    13. Robert Woodward
    14. Hamed Hajmolaali
    15. -
    16. -
    17. -
    18. -
    19. -
    20. -
    21. -
    22. -
    23. -
    24. -
    25. -
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  2. Hmm.. i think i'll make it just in time for this one. I'll be out of town until 11'th.
    Sign me up!

    Another great track Dennis (can we try 60 min? instead of 45 -this basically mean you'll have to do a pitstop for fuel)
  3. Sign me up please
  4. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Sign me up please :)
  5. sign me up please.:cool:
  6. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Sign me up please should be fun :)
  7. Søren Mogensen

    Søren Mogensen
    MadCape Racing

    Sign me up please
  8. Sign me up please - Only one blue flag last week, off Reggie as he lapped me on the final lap - hoping to manage a race without a single Blue Flag This week! Yet again I request that everyone whos faster than me, In fact everyone who enters the Race, except me, be given a 100Kg weight penalty!
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  9. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    Server is UP!
  10. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Sign me up
  11. Sign me up. Thank you.
  12. sign me up please
  13. Mark Bushell

    Mark Bushell
    Now a member of the G27 club.

    Sign me up please.
  14. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    This will be the race!
    I just noticed that there was no participation in the last event so we'll be going with it again. :redface:
  15. ?????????

    Last GT race was at Road America and there were loads participating. Not sure what you mean Dennis?
  16. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    I meant the last time Hockenheim as a GT event was run, just last October.
  17. When I start in the race everyone should be given at least 200Kg weight penalty :D.

    Yes, please sign me in.
    I don't mind how many times I'll be overlapped. But I'll do my best that it be not too many.
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  18. sign me up
  19. I'll give it a go, not great with the GT cars though!
  20. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Anybody on track tonight for some practise?