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GT Academy

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Bram, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    We now have the GT Academy demo in our office at work on a vision racer! I think i just have to win that competition :)

    Anybody else winning it also :male-fighter2:
  2. Busy with the hot lap competition Bram but I'm going to suggest we use it next week for the challenge.
  3. Bahh they have made some good laptimes, will need alot of practise before i even reach top 100, but i liked the feeling more in the demo then in prologue.
  4. PLease dont play this anymore!!

    Sell yer PS3, buy a PC and get something that actually feels a little bit like a real car!!

    Unbelieavbly awful demo this, perhaps the worse I have ever downloaded and very, very disappointing from the people that redefined console sim gaming.

    At the very least sell your PS3 and get an Xbox, Forza is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than this rot!
  5. Rob, all opinions are welcome but at the very least we expect members to be constructive with those opinions. This is the second thread you've joined and posted what only comes across as a fanboy type rant. Please refrain from doing this.
  6. ive been playing this, the graphics are horrible, whatever his name is trying too hard to make "the perfect game" that he's actually ruining it. Back to Forza for me aswell. I'm no fanboy but i'd much rather play FM3 than GT5 at the moment.
  7. It's a fantastic demo, the cars feel really great with a FF wheel and pedals.

    In my opinion, this demo shows that GT5 will absolutely pee all over anything else out there at the moment, iRacing, Race On, rFactor....I've tried them all.

    I'll be interested what happens to iRacing once the GT5 version of NASCAR comes out, especially as they are now implementing all the NASCAR rules.

    Dirt will die once GT5 is out as it includes WRC. Then we have all the night racing, variable weather 100's cars, loadsa tracks.

    XBox users jealous?? They should be!

    By the way, I'm on 3'27.132 which currently makes me 203rd in the UK. Not great, but i'm happy :)
  8. Hi Chris what do you mean by 3'27'132 that couldn't be a lap time, im on 1'44 something ?

    Ahh I get it now thats the combined time:tongue:
  9. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    Trying to win the Canadian Competition, I'll make a big push tomorrow. I know I can easily improve on my Tuned time and bring it into the 35.8s for sure just a matter of stringing the lap together. Then to get even better some strategic power drifts will be needed at certain turns. The Stock car will prove more difficult I believe. So far I'm sitting 5th. PSN HTrio.
  10. I finished 26th in Switzerland in the end, as soon as I live in Switzerland I decided to make a Swiss account as the times were slower, if 6 people can't make it I'm in the finals!!

    Just waiting now. I finished on 3'25,2xx in the end.
  11. Im number 10 in Holland :drool: and i am gonna race the finals. Yeeeeaaaaaahhh, i like it...

    Are there more peeps here that are in the finals?
  12. Congratulations Hugo, good luck for the finals!

    Edit: I just recieved the instructions to send all of my details off for the Swiss/French National Finals!! I could still possibly be going if some of the top 25 can't go....keep your fingers crossed for me!!

  13. Thanks Chris, and ill keep my fingers crossed for you
  14. Good luck guys!
  15. I'm definately in the Swiss final and going to Paul Ricard circuit, Marseille on Saturday. I'll get lots of photos and videos for you all and if I perform well I might even write a report of the day!

    Surprising as I finished 26th in Switzerland, I must be one of the slowest qualifiers in Europe! Who cares, gotta be in it to win it!!
  16. Thanks Eric, I have been keeping a close eye on that thread!!

    And in case you are interested..:

    We get picked up in switzerland on saturday morning and spend 7 hours on a couch with the other 19 finalists, some sony reps and a media crew!!?. Then when we arrive we get allocated hotel rooms and get our dinner. Then we are up at 7 for breakfast and at 8 30 we begin the swiss compitition while the French guys get to go around Paul Ricard in the Nissan (for real).

    Then vice versa in the afternoon and finally a hour journey back home arriving at 4 am with work at 8am!
  17. I am definitely jealous :D