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GSCE....The Holy Grail...

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Christian Casey, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Finally have the chance to put some serious laps down on 1.20 and I have to say I have never felt so positive about a sim racing product.
    GSCE sets the bar so high across the board nothing compares at this time.

    There are some visually amazing products in development, from what I have viewed and experienced, they fail to capture the feel and experience delivered by Reiza, GSCE just ticks so many boxes.

    One gripe, it may be a niche market but stop giving this stuff away, in a new world of DLC, early access and un delivered promises, I feel a little guilty, like I'm stealing your lunch money. ;)
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  2. my hope is that when they're done w/ DLC for GSC (maybe next update, no idea) they'll offer some kind of subscription option (or something, talking out of my rear here), as there are a ton of features (weather & real road namely) they list as wanting to implement but as you say it just doesnt seem right (or probable) that that stuff will come for free.

    as it is, what a fantastic buy for $30 (even less if you were on the bandwagon early!) with still more to come.

    somewhat in regards to empty boxes latest video, it is funny how every fan of this game ends up sounding like a paid shill. lol
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  3. Watching now.
  4. You disagree with Empty Boxes take on the package?
  5. not at all, my point was in regards to his disclaimer for the video, where he says he wasn't compensated for it.
  6. The grin factor is hard to contain with GSCE.:D