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Misc GSCE RANK 0.217

Spreadsheet ranking with benchmarks

  1. s2173 submitted a new resource:

    GSCE RANK - Spreadsheet ranking with benchmarks

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  2. Thanks, I will have a look at this. Thanks for your efforts.
    Where do you get your benchmarks from...actual real world timings or something else?
  3. Benchmarks I generate with AI at 110%, qualify session, and then advance time. Their times get generated apparently some other way, because if I let them run the session, and don't advance time, they actually run much faster laps, 1 or 2 seconds quicker.

    I have tested most of them, and they seem challenging to me... some might be even unfair, like the Formula V8 and the Superkarts, others might be abit on the easy side, like formula classic and formula Vee. Or I can just be good with certain cars and slow with others...

    Not that it really matters, in GPL I had rank of -57 and most of my laptimes were 3 or 4 seconds below benchmark - that is there just for a milestone to measure your improvement. For now I wont change them, unless I find an obvious mistake.

    Track lists, if you're wondering, are the championships for each class, as taken from the car RFM.
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