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GSCE Chris Kinsman's MoTeC Telemetry Plugin: Steered Angle always 0?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. What is required to get correct values for Steered Angle from this plugin? The name shows up in the MoTeC channel list but is always 0? Steered Angle is not a math channel and its name clearly seen in the plugin output file. Its interesting that Steering deg characters are there also but the does not show up in MoTec as a channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a feeling this is just a bug in the plugin
    and there is not other channel(s) that you can create a math for it.

    This issue screws the result of the Math equation for Oversteer since that math equation uses Steered Angle as an input. One can create the math for Steered Angle from the Steering Wheel Angle Pct channel that I used when I had
    Data Acquisition Plugin 1.32 by DanZ running,
    but that plugin's output would only work with older versions of MoTeC.
    So know GSCE will put steering information out.
    I want to use a newer version of plugin by Kinsman what will work with the newer MoTeC that allows integration resets after each lap.

    Sidebar. Also so get Oversteer I know I have to enter a math for the Vehicle Wheelbase which is easy to add based on which car you are using.

    Background of plugin and Motec installation:
    Installed this plugin for GSCE to get telemetry:
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/fz5yma3ne49c0fp/Chris Kinsman's MoTeC Telemetry Plugin V1.4.exe

    Installed this version of MoTeC (allows per lap integration):

    Thanks ....
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  2. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    You can open a channel 'oversteer' or 'oversteer weighted' by creating a 'time/distance graph'. The oversteer is immediately available.
    I noticed the steered angle being 0, but perhaps it can be calculated (math channel), although it's not immediately clear to me how to proceed to get it.
  3. Andrew Bruce
    There is a program to FIX the old motec format if you need it. motecfix.exe
    Can not attach a file as filetype exe. You will have to change the file type from txt back to exe.

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  4. Hello Rick,

    Your posts about telemetry convinced me to start using it, thanks!

    Could you fix this steering angle problem? Something strange happened to me, I was using the 1.32 Danz plugin with old Motec, it was fine for me. But now with the steam version of GSCE I installed the plugin as I did before, and the steering angle now is always zero.

    Do you have any suggestions? I uninstalled the original version of GSCE, so now I only have the steam one. BTW my Steam is on C:, not on programs files x86.
  5. I am not a GSCE user any more.
    Look at your motec channel and see if you have something like Steering Wheel Pct.
    Then create a math for it.
    Then hack in your deg of rotation and create a new channel name like Steering Angle cal.
    <MathExpression Flags="0" Id="Steering Angle cal" Active="1" Unit="deg" SampleRate="0" Script="900 * 'Steering Wheel Pct' [%] / 100.0"/>

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  6. Thank you very much, Rick! I will try this.