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GSC2013 Mini @ Salvador - Mon 20th January 2014

Discussion in 'Automobilista Racing Clubs & Leagues' started by Rupe Wilson, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium


    Practice: 20:00 GMT
    Qually: 20:20 GMT 10 minute Superpole 3 laps (1x out lap 1x fast lap & a inlap )
    Warm up: 3 minutes
    Race 1 : 20 mins
    3 minutes comfort break
    Race 2 : 20 mins

    Server password: click here
    Racing rules: click here
    Discuss, support, encourage and share!
    This event thread will be the central thread for the event discussions this week.

    You can ask other drivers to practice or race with you by using the tag function of the forum. Please type an @ directly followed by the user name and this person will receive a notification :)

    Our racing clubs are foremost meant to gain online experience so please help other drivers out when they have questions about the event, the car, the track, the setup or a combination.

    Sign up list:
    1. Calum McLure
    2. Ignazio Pinella
    3. Paul Joseph
    4. Sven-Arne Andersson
    5. Warren Schembri
    6. Rupe Wilson
    7. Jarek Kostowski
    8. Franklin Stegink
    9. Hamed Hajmolaali
    10. Rene van Zijp
    11. Lewis Travis
    12. Steven Scott
    13. Jörn Horbelt
    14. Mark Travis
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
    21. Driver
    22. Driver
    23. Driver
    24. Driver
    Don't forget the server is running with level 1 ABS please use it
    Don't forget all the Mini's have launch control, assign a button to it

    1. On the start line push the button and hold it (you will see it engages 1st gear)
    2. Press the gas to the max
    3. Wait for the start and release the button and your off. Zooooom away
    4. change to 2nd gear as normal and carry on up the gear box

    Example of track limits for a track
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2014
  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Server is up
  3. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    Eek, watched a video of this track on YouTube, if I can learn it before Monday I'm in :O_o:
  4. I think I could be in time for the race and qual, maybe not in time for practice session.
    Please, Rupe, sign me in also for this event as I missed this week minis event.

  5. Paul Joseph

    Paul Joseph
    The Mighty Forth - Team Manager Premium

    Please sign me up :)
  6. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium

    I can`t make it this monday, but I will be present on V8 and classic race ... well, I will say 99%, because my job matters :).
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  7. Sign me up please.
  8. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    This track has the potential for some interesting...... incidents :laugh:

    Sign me up please :)
  9. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Its a street circuit and if driven correctly can be fun, but care will be needed when driving it.
    no last of the late brakers into the chicanes and if your not full along side by the time the car in front is turning in you don't have the right to stuff it up the inside.
    There will be no barging your way through the pack when there is no gap to go though.
    Any body doing this will find them selves racing on there own for a while.
    This is a club event and fun is the key to success.

    I will be the first to admit its a hard track to pass on and you may just end up defending your position and waiting for a chance to attack.
    each kind of track offers a different style of racing and as we want to use all the tracks lets get use to this style of racing..
    the kurbs are high so don't ride them pain and simple,
    beware of the chicane's single file is the key to getting through safely..
    Back marker or cars that are getting lapped hold you line do not weave to get out of the way drive through a chicane as you normally would and lift of the gas on the straight to let guys by.
    guy that are lapping cars you have to pull out to go round the car your lapping, don't drive right up his bumper. pull out in time to let the guy see you on his side and he can lift of the gas to assist you in getting by.
    you may have to wait till the exit of a chicane before you can overtake a car, don't expect them to get out the way mid corner.

    lets try and have a good race above all its should be fun for all..
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2014
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  10. Quas


    Yes, i am :thumbsup:.
  11. i'm in
  12. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Yes please!

    I didnt get the @shoutout you made Rupe, is there a problem with the system?
  13. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

  14. I am in.
  15. Could you sign me up? I just applied for my license?
  16. Just checking..... 20:00 GMT is 3pm here in Ontario? I'm GMT-5. Is so I'd like to sign up. I also just applied for my club License.
  17. Rene van Zijp

    Rene van Zijp

    @Rupe Wilson , Thanks for the invitation. So, signing up.
    I did my practice today, because I have no time for it tomorrow.
    I hope to be on time for the first race.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2014
  18. I dont think ill be able to make this one.
  19. Hamed


    sign me up please
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