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GSC2013 and Motec

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Goes To 11, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Is there any way to export GSC2013 telemetry to a program such as Motec? Thanks.
  2. Yes.
    You need this.

    It's for rfactor but works with GSC too.
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  3. Thanks
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  4. Some info for those of us that dont have a full rFactor2 install, you have to hack around a bit.
    Your suggestion of this link:
    Data Acquisition Plugin V1.3.2 Install [MediaFire]
    when downloaded and you run the install requires a "valid" config.ini to run and install the plugin.
    I only have the demo installed so the Acquisition install fails at 1st.
    The demo rF2 config.ini is pretty empty so I copied GSC config.ini to the rF2 Core/Config.ini
    and got farther. Found the the dll and README. Then I set the paths up in the ini file for the plugin and I ran GSC and did collect data (control m worked). Now I have to figure out why MoTeC does not think the
    output file is input data. Using MoTec i2 Pro I do see a filetype .ld and .ldx with the
    track name and time stamp.... Brasilia-2014_03_10_15_46_42-stint1.ld
    MoTec says it does not see any files in my LOG/MoTeC folder with new versions of Motec.
    On the install web page for the plugin I see they is a link to an old version of MoTeC
    This version will read the plugin ld files and display the data.
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  5. It's such a pity beacause this version (0082) don't see the data from the GTR2, according some reports...
  6. I sent MoTeC my examples that failed with version 0030. No response, but they might not support a freebie user. If they respond I will post for you. You might have to have multi versions around on your system depending the on format that is required. Or you might try one of the other authors plugins that do the same thing. This is the only one I could get working. One thread I remember had a patch but the comments were rF based. Most of the plugin threads for this subject are pretty old. I am running fine with GSC for now. I run with AI 110% for a few laps and capture, then I drive (same car and setup) and then compare differences. Also did the a capture of 3 different setups and compared. It was interesting given massive setup difference from default for a V8 setup resulted in improvement of only fractions of a second. Jan Race Nordschleife V8.svm It was small enough to make me wonder if the setup was not used by the AI driver even though I loaded it. Should retry with different amounts of gas to verify its loaded. Clear different seen to my times and style. This is a very helpful tool.